Advantages Of Creating Short Links Goo.Gl

Advantages Of Creating Short Links Goo.Gl

Yup, after discussing about organic auto ping for the blog URL as well as his post gets refresh crawler, now you can shorten the URL of the blog or one of his post page to make it more concise. Understanding, short URLs will be easier to share if uploaded on Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, or Goole Plus. One of the short links tool is using Google shortener URL. For example, the short URL is but the content is a long URL from
short link google
The advantages are:
  1. Short links will quickly open to the actual page because it does not through ads such as URL shortener that pays.
  2. Avoid spam links to actual page URLs.
  3. The benefit for website owners is to hide the affiliate / referral URL link.
  4. According to Google's explanation, short links that are created will never expire unless they must be removed due to spam, privacy, or legal reasons.
  5. The concise long link will be a short URL that is unique and easy to remember everyone especially if it is shared on Twitter. Yup because Twitter limits the number of characters in the tweets / sharing massage box.
  1. Sometimes readers get stuck on a short link that contains an affiliate / referral URL.
  2. Must have a Google Plus account to be able to use URL shortener,
  3. This tool is free but do not expect Google will pay your short link URL eyyaaa hehehe.
I hope this article be helpful. Please share this blog.

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