Installation Ubuntu On Android Tutorial

thumb Install Ubuntu on an Android phone

after struggling finally managed to also install Ubuntu on my beloved android phone. the installation is easy, the hard one is to download it, make it like that.breaking up disconnecting disconnects, once it breaks it can't be resumed , if you want to download , it must be dawn, the speed is still god 😀 * Pffftttt 😂


  1. Ok, proceed to the first stage, which must be downloaded is the Image file from Ubuntu that has been remastered using X-Window LXDE. 3.5 GB file size is quite something for the internet in Indonesia, files can be downloaded at . the form is a Zip file and if extracted it will produce 3ubuntu.img,, and the files . if you have downloaded the file then there are some software that must be prepared, first isTerminal Emulator , Busybox and Android VNC , all three can be downloaded at the android market for free. install and we proceed to the next stage.
  2. The Android must be rooted.
  3. Copy the ubuntu.img, and files to a folder on your Android HP SD Card, make sure it's in one folder, let's say the folder is "Ubuntu".
  4. if you have already opened the terminal emulator , type #su to become root.
  5. #cd sdcard / ubuntu / to enter the ubuntu folder that we created earlier on the SD Card.
  6. last type #sh
  7. let the warning appear. wait a while, ubuntu is being booted on your android phone, of course this depends on the specifications of your cellphone, if I use the Samsung Galaxy S so it's OK to run the Ubuntu.
Running Terminal

Running Terminal

Ubuntu Boot Up

Ubuntu Boot Up


  1. if you are already out of the terminal emulator, but don'texit , leave the Terminal Emulator running, then open Android VNC , enter the parameters as follows:
  2. Address: localhost (or leave it blank).
  3. Password: Ubuntu
  4. Port: 5900
  5. BPP: 24
  6. press connect and enjoy enjoying 😀

Android VNC Settings


  1. To exit the Ubuntu Operating System, please log out of Android VNC.
  2. then from the Terminal Emulator that was still open, type#exit three times followed by enter , leave it long enough until the entire Ubuntu OS is shut down.
  3. and finished, just to uninstall it just delete the ubuntu folder: D.

Here are some screenshots that I get when running the application on Ubuntu LXDE 😀

LXDE desktop

LXDE Desktop I Screenshot Directly on Mobile

Ana Shoot Use my BB

Ana Shoot using my BB, so convincing

Gimp Photo Editor application is common on Ubuntu

Gimp Photo Editor application is common on Ubuntu

Gimp is running again

Gimp is running again

Open Office again Start Up

Open Office again Start Up

Open Office Draw

Open Office Draw

Terminal aka the Ubuntu Console

Warning, because running Ubuntu requires a large amount of resources, I don't have to be responsible if until the HP situ modar, please try with your own risk: D. and one more don't do # apt-get update or install application here, indeed it's okay, but this ubuntu is Ubuntu that has been made so that it can run on Android Device, if it's updated yes your Android address will be super slow .

Greetings Me and wait for the next article: p

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