How to display only content posts or pages on blogger

Usually a blogger when creating a page on a blog that wants content that is displayed only content only. In other words a blogger wants to create a clean page.
Yes, the purpose of this article is to help you guys who want to create a clean page from comments, widgets, or navigation headers.
Here's the tutorial:
Make sure you had call jquery framework ( ) before </head>
Lets begun:

Tutorial to display content of posts or pages only in blogger:

When you create an article or page, put the code below at the end of your article or content page in HTML EDITOR.
$('div:not(div[id^=post-body-])').hide(); // hide everything except id="post-body-xxxxxxxxxx"
$("[id^='post-body-']").appendTo('body'); // move id="post-body-xxxxxxxxx" up to the body

Done. I hope this post be help you..
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