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How do I become a Web Developer or Web Designer?

I consider for you who read this part totally blind direction with the world of web development or still confused about the world of web development martial.

Actually be a web developer that's easy, if you want to learn and learn from up-to-date sources.In addition you must also paksain to learn English materials. Why? Because the material about web development is a lot of really good that the average English language.

This time I try to explain first what actually web developer and the terms are sometimes confusing for you.

What is Web Developer really?

Web Developer is someone who builds a Website.Web Developer in general can be divided into several parts:

  • Web Designer (UI / UX Designer)
  • Front-end Web Developer
  • Back-end Web Developer
  • Full-stack Web Developer

Actually in addition to the above are still many other parts, but I will only discuss the above

Web Designer (UX / UI Designer)

Web Designer is someone who designs a website.The purpose of this design is the designer who makes the picture of the website will be like (wireframe) and look like what (mockup).

Web Designer usually works using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch (Mac), and other tools-tools. They also usually draw first on paper before they make the design in the application.

I myself would prefer to call it UX / UI Designer (although in this context UX / UI is not just in the website anyway).

This Web Designer basically does not play with code at all. However, some Web Designers have HTML and CSS expertise even Javascript (although in fact for this expertise is usually must have Front-end Web Developer)

Front-end Web Developer

Front-end Web Developer is someone who worked on the layout code of a website that previously layout and picture of the website has been done by Web Designer.

A Front-end Developer is someone who takes care of everything that happens on the website that is accessed and used by the client (client-side).

Front-end Web Developer should have at least HTML, CSS and Javascript expertise. These three skills are an important foundation for a Front-end Developer.

Will be a plus if a Front-end Web Developer has the expertise to use Framework like Bootstrap and jQuery.
Sometimes a Front-end Web Developer is also the task of becoming a Web Designer.

Front-end Web Developer is usually not take care of things like Database or PHP programming language, if yes only to display data that has been made by Back-end. That part is usually done by Back-end Web Developer.

Back-end Web Developer

Back-end Web Developer is someone who works on how a website works. This website system is a system that runs on a server (server-side).

Back-end Web Developer is the one that plays with server-side languange language such as PHP, JSP, or ASP. They are also the one who usually take care of the Database such as MySQL, Oracle, and others. (In large companies usually this work done by Database Analyst)

A Backend Developer must have and understand the powerful algorithm concepts (which are usually studied in the early semesters of the lecture) and some programming concepts (such as OOP or Object Oriented Programming)
Back-end Developers must also be able to ensure that the application (website) that he made safe from the attacks of irresponsible people.

Full-stack Web Developer

Full-stack Web Developer can be regarded as Superman or Single Fighter. This is because a Fullstack Developer must understand and do all that is done by Web Designer, Front-end and Back-end Developer.

In many cases in the company (especially in SMEs and non-startup companies), someone who works as a web developer is sometimes a Full-stack Web Developer due to limited human resources (including T_T salary).

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