Best car Donation program

Best Car Donation Program – Donate Vehicle to Charity

Your car donation will make a difference!

With the tax year coming to an end… you’ll find our nationwide car donation program maximizes both the size of your charity contribution and the amount of your tax deduction. We achieve both goals by consistently providing the nation’s best charity payment percentage plan and negotiating the highest possible car sale prices. Our complete car donation program solution and total dedication to customer service ensure the best possible experience for both our nonprofit clients and their donors.
Donate your car, boat or other vehicle today!
At Donate for Charity, we create and manage donation programs that enable donors to make a significant contribution to their favorite nonprofit through an easy process, guided by experts in the auto donation industry.
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If you know the name of the charity you wish to donate your vehicle to, please, use our online form to submit your vehicle donation information or, if you prefer, call us toll-free at (866) 392-4483. To find a local charity please, use our charity search function to discover information about worthy charities in your city or state that can benefit from your vehicle donation.

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Additional Car Donation Information

When you donate a car we provide free pick up, a tax receipt, and do all the required DMV processing. After we sell the vehicle, 70-80% of the net proceeds go directly to one of our nonprofit clients–the highest percentage among all leading national car donation programs.
We maximize the sale price of your vehicle and the amount of your charitable contribution by running the most efficent car donation processing system in the country. Our competitive advantage is the result of the following factors:
1) Our extensive network of the nation’s best auction facilities shortens our averaging towing distance–lowering the towing expense and increasing the amount the charity receives.
2) Our high volume of donated cars allows us to negotiate the most favorable towing and auction fees nationwide.
3) Via our computer link to each auction facility we have access to images and condition reports for each vehicle. We use this information to try and obtain the highest selling price for your vehicle.
To learn more about our program and to select your charity, click on “Car Donor Info” or “Find a Charity” from our menu at the top of this page. After you have selected a charity use our Car Donation Form to submit your car donation application or call us toll-free at (866) 392-4483.

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