How to Get Free Credit Easily on Android

Cara Mendapatkan Pulsa Gratis dengan Mudah di Android

3 Web Development Indonesia - After yesterday all the excitement with Tutorials to get free dollars with Android, now I will give a few more tips that you should know. Now, there is an application that has been tested and proven by myself to be able to generate pulses in just minutes. How to Get Free Credit Easily on Android This is still not many people know, the article most people are more tempted to see dollars compared to credit hehe. With the Pop Slide Application, you only have to play rolling and install the application, you can already get credit in minutes. Very easy right?

Cara Mendapatkan Pulsa Gratis dengan Mudah di Android :

1. First, download the Pop Slide application on Google Play or the APK file disini .


2. If so, follow the registration instructions and don't forget to associate PopSlide to your Facebook account to get your first 300 points.

3. In the promo code, enter the following code: "BAGAS31com" (without the quotes) . Urgent ! This is required so that you get 1000 points LIVE and so the payout process can go well .


4. Next, enter your cellphone number in the field provided. Don't forget to verify it via SMS.

5. Now, here is the first appearance when finished registration. To get more points, you can install a number of applications in the list and also play the Daily Roulette . Please note, it takes several minutes for the points to install the application to enter the Pop Slide .

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6. Next, if the points are sufficient it's time for us to payout. Select the type of your friend, then enter the destination phone number. Wait a few seconds then your credit will go to the destination phone number. Simple right? Oh yeah, make sure your Pop Slide account is over 24 hours old so you can payout . If not, an error message will appear because your account is still being checked.

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7. Done, please also promote your referral code friend to other friends who do not know these tips, friend :)

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