Pet and attendant delicacies tasty informations

ACR: Attribute Conversion Rate (percent)

Chimeraland One Pot Dish: food that can be given to all types of pets and attendants


Succulent Ox Marrow, Tasty Wing Tip, Flamebug Meat Claypot

Gold Horsedeer

spiced alligon, exotic herbal jelly, bear ball pot

Horned Rhino

Aromatic litiger ball, Moddly wings topped rice, Bear ball pot

Giant Whitelope

Dry fried vuldo wing, Exotic herbal jelly, Steamed sweet & sour icebug

Giant Roarbor

Fine Venom Serpent Soup, Moddly Wings ToppedRice, flamebug meat claypot

Giant Deerbull

stewed snow goose feet, tasty wing trip, dragon serpent combo

Giant Spimander

Cured wolf meat, flame roasted horn, steamed sweet & sour icebug

Giant Litiger

succulent ox marrow, flame roasted horn, overlord hide jelly

Giant Turgator

Bear meatball, sparrow beak, stir-fried browtelope


aromatic litiger ball, Yurlunggur mixed vegetables, steamed sweet & sour icebug

Horned fortuphant

Stewed snow goose feet, Moddly Wings ToppedRice, hot stone icefox meat


Steamed fortuphant meat, Pepper salt scorpion pincer, flamebug meat claypot

Muddled catfish

Steamed fortuphant meat, hearty meatball soup, hot stone icefox meat

Giant Chimpanimbus

Tasty exotic crab, tasty wing trip, overlord hide jelly

Plate Fortuphant

aromatic litiger ball, hearty meatball soup, stir-fried browtelope

Giant Crocupine

Steamed fortuphan meat, peppersalt scorpion pincer, bear ball pot

Giant Venus Flytrap

Tasty crispy spider, Soy braised dragon bone, Bear ball pot

Black Horse

Newt meat dry pot, Flamebug meat claypot, Yurlunggur mixed vegetables


spicy fish & mutton soup, tasty wing trip, bear ball pot

Dragon Horse

Newt meat dry pot, Flamebug meat claypot, Yurlunggur mixed vegetables

Giant Grouguana

tasty crispy spider, Moddly Wings ToppedRice, steamed sweet & sour icebug


aromatic litiger ball, exotic herbal jelly, dragon serpent combo



name value
BUFF Attack 30, HP 300, Monster EXP Bonus 40%
Delicacies dry fried vuldo wing, hearty meatball soup, steamed sweet & sour icebug