Game Guide - Kumiho Upgrade Guide

Game Guide——Kumiho Upgrade Guide

Attendants are one of the ways for travelers to improve their Battle Power in Chimeraland. Unlike mount pets, it cannot be ridden and their Battle Power is far greater than mount pets, so for higher Battle Power, go train an Attendant as an assistant.

Well then, any idea which is the most popular Attendant? That's right, it's Kumiho! Due to its outstanding qualities, recruiting it won't be easy. Travelers first need to meet two conditions: 1) Own 200 Spirituality Fruits and 2) Reach Meridian Level 45 before they can recruit it from Centralmount Village.

Reaching Meridian Level 45 is not the difficult part. Collecting 200 Spirituality Fruits is. Spirituality Fruits can be obtained from Odd Gifts (divided into three different qualities: Basic, Mid-grade, and Advanced, and Advanced guarantees a Spirituality Fruit), and there's also a chance to get it from Uncertain Time Gifts. Note: Uncertain Time Gifts can only be purchased up to three times a day. Apart from that, travelers can also purchase Spirituality Fruits from the Auction House, but at a high price.

Kumiho is an S grade Attendant which is also the highest quality Attendant in the game. It has a Max ATK of 96, Max HP of 94, and Max DEF of 95, and these qualities are also the maximum an Attendant can achieve. However, Kumiho recruited by travelers will not be at its maximum potential and will require 300–400 Maturity Pills to unlock its max limit. As collecting Maturity Pills costs lots of time and resources, it shows how powerful Kumiho is!

Weapon Selection

First of all, Kumiho comes with two special skills that are not only related to attribute bonuses but also to weapons used in normal attacks. The higher the normal attack damage, the more powerful the skill. For example, among the mighty x-bow, staff, and rigid x-bow, the staff has the lowest damage while the mighty x-bow has the highest damage, but that's only because the mighty x-bow has the highest single attack damage. Excluding skill bonuses, the rigid x-bow and mighty x-bow actually only has little difference in burst damage. So, it would seem that the higher the skill damage, the higher the damage would be.

Secondly, Kumiho's weapon Virtuoso is in mid-ranged weapons, so though the staff is a good choice, it's also recommended for Kumiho to use the 3-Water staff (Icy Rain, Icy Fog, Thunderstorm) because it has the highest burst damage. Of course, it also comes with a certain disadvantage, and that's a lower durability. So, travelers ought to check their weapon's durability before going into battle to prevent the possibility of a destroyed weapon.

Note: Kumiho will only use the staff's default skills and not skills added later. Lastly, be sure to max out all the staff's Augments bonuses.

Skill Selection

Skill Books can effectively improve the Attendant's Battle Power, so make sure to utilize every skill slot. Learning Inherited Skills increases the level of Talents (up to Lv. 6) and unlocks a maximum of 6 Inherited Skill slots. Inherited Skills are obtained by releasing Attendants. The higher the level of the released Attendant, the better the Inherited Skills will be. When Attendants come to your Home, sending them away will also grant Skill Books.

Recommended Skills: Melee DMG Immunity, Ranged DMG Immunity, Melee DMG, Ranged DMG, PvP DMG Reduction, Crit, Crit DMG Reduction, and Penetration. But of course, skills should be chosen according to the actual situation.

Now, it's time to say goodbye to all travelers. I sincerely hope that all travelers will be able to get their hands on the much sought-after Kumiho!