Northmount Escapades: The Strange Beasts of NorthmountRevealed Is the Age of All Mythic Strange Beasts Upon Us?

Northmount Escapades: The Strange Beasts of Northmount—Revealed! Is the Age of All Mythic Strange Beasts Upon Us?

Nearly 20 types of new strange beasts will be appearing on Northmount! Here, I've selected a few strange beasts I think you'll all like and introduced them below.


A New Ceiling of Battle Power for World Strange Beasts?

30,000-Year Illustrious Strange Beasts are Here!


The continent of Northmount is steeped in magic and hidden Divine Power. While the ice and fog that have surrounded it for countless years made the continent near inhospitable for humans, the harsh conditions have nurtured countless powerful strange beasts! As the ancient mists over Northmount part, travelers who go explore it will find no shortage of strange beasts filled with Divine Power! Among them, travelers will find the first 30,000-year Illustrious world strange beasts!



30,000-Year Illustrious Feiyi


The Feiyi is a fierce ancient beast, resembling both a snake and a dragon. Its back is adorned with a python-like pattern and topped with dorsal fins. You could say it resembles a dragon, but it only has two feet; you could say it resembles a snake, but it is a skilled flier. Behind its body are two tails, each bearing a mane. Legend has it the Feiyi possesses deadly poison. It is said wherever it appears, the land will be rendered infertile and cursed with drought. You may be wondering, just how powerful is this infamous strange beast? Find out for yourself when you explore Northmount!


30,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Feiyi Appearance Picture

30,000-Year Illustrious Vindkaldr


Just what is this colorful strange beast? It is known as the Vindkaldr. The Vindkaldr has goat horns and tiger claws, and is forever swimming in the great abyss, in and out of the light Rumor has it the Vindkaldr is one of the four great water beasts of legend! From these rumors surrounding it and its appearance, you can tell the Vindkaldr is a beautiful and dangerous beast! We look forward to seeing courageous travelers head to Northmount and test their mettle against this mysterious giant beast! (But you have to know your own strength. Remember, safety first!)


 ○30,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Vindkaldr Appearance Picture

30,000-Year Illustrious Taotie


The 30,000-year Illustrious Taotie is one of the four great fierce beasts of legend. It has the body of a sheep and face of a human. Its eyes are located under its armpits, and it has tiger teeth and human hands. Northmount is perilous, roamed as it is by countless fierce beasts. Among these strange beasts, it is the Taotie that strikes the most fear in people's hearts. Strange patterns cover its orange body. Horns adorn its head, and it has a messy mane. Two enormous blood-red eyes grow from atop its body. It truly is one of the most fearsome beasts in Chimeraland!


30,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Taotie Appearance Picture



All-New Faces?

An Intro to Northmount's New Illustrious Strange Beasts


In addition to the 30,000-year Illustrious world strange beasts, other grades of Illustrious beast also inhabit the expanses of Northmount! Among them are all-new strange beasts, never-before-seen on the other continents of Chimeraland!




18,000-Year Illustrious Grassfish


The domineering Grassfish of Northmount is green in appearance and has six limbs. It is covered with scales. The battle power provided by its strong physique is not to be underestimated.


 ○18,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Grassfish Appearance Picture

18,000-Year Illustrious Azure Light True Bufonidae


The Azure Light True Bufonidae has a blue camouflage body. It can jump quite well, thanks to its powerful back limbs. Its tongue deals fast and accurate attacks. Prey have no time to defend against them. In addition, the fainty visible blue-purple scales on its back and its many distinct feelers hint at the presence of deadly poison—or some other hidden danger!


 ○18,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Azure Light True Bufonidae Appearance Picture

18,000-Year Illustrious Polar Feathered Steed


Next up: Northmount's most beautiful strange beast. Let's not even talk about where it's from or its power—just look at how its blue and white coloration matches; how its large, sturdy wings spread; and how the inky-blue patterns across its body faintly glow... What a truly gorgeous strange beast!


18,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Polar Feathered Steed Appearance Picture

Illustrious City-Seat Snail


As its name suggests, this big guy's most distinctive feature is the large fortress it carries on its shell! Its shell should provide you with some new and interesting strange beast devouring options. It is a strange beast of the Snail family. While the City-Seat Snail is slow, its shell is like an iron wall, easily defensible and hard to attack. It truly is a moving fortress, like its name implies. It'll take a lot of effort to take this one down!


Illustrious City-Seat Snail Appearance Picture




Over 20 New Northmount Strange Beasts, Waiting for You to Find Them!   


Apart from the beasts listed above, Northmount is teeming with many other strange beasts of all shapes and sizes, including centaurs, which have a human upper body and horse lower body; the Noble Prickly Poisonworm, which resembles a caterpillar; and the multicolored Snail family, among others!


The new strange beasts added to Northmount this time include beasts ranging from Young to 30,000-year Illustrious, with nearly 20 new strange beasts in all! Don't miss out, travelers!


Everyone Can Become Great?

Now Available: Pet Advancement to Mythic!


With the launch of Northmount, strange beasts have been affected by a fluctuation of spirit power, making them more powerful! All non-deobeast strange beasts can transform to Mythic grade. All deobeasts can transform to Double Mythic grade. The transformation process is similar to the transforming from Noble to Illustrious: Feed your strange beast eggs (including Grand and Noble strange beast eggs from the original three continents, new Grand and Noble strange beast eggs from Northmount, Limitless Blood Eggs, etc.) to gather marks, then use the indicated Diviner Pill to finish the breakthrough. Specific Diviner Pill formulae below:



Diviner Pill (Mountain) = True Bufonidae Hide ×4 + Dragon Pearl ×6 + Centaur Bone ×15 + Illustrious Beast Soul ×4


● Diviner Pill (Swamp) = Grassfish Scale ×4 + Yurlunggur's Fang ×6 + Loggerhead Hide ×15 + Illustrious Beast Soul ×4


● Diviner Pill (Sky) = Polar Feathered Steed Feather ×4 + Feathered Steed Wing ×6 + Cassowary Feather ×15 + Illustrious Beast Soul ×4


You will see obvious changes to a pet's level, quality, and Treats after they have been transformed. While all strange beasts will see an obvious increase in power, they're still nothing compared to Deobeasts! And although the process of transformation is the same for all beasts, deobeasts still have a higher power limit! After transformation, you'll see improvements in the following attributes:



● Level: The level limit of Mythic beasts is increased to Lv. 70; for deobeasts, it is increased to Lv. 75. With a higher level, you can have a better Basic Stats model.


● Treats: The Treats limit for Mythic beasts is increased to 70; for deobeasts, it is increased to 90.


● Talents: After transforming, deobeasts will have transformed talent attributes, as well as greatly enhanced attributes and battle power.


● Skill Slots: Mythic beasts have 8 skill slots.


● Quality: As level, Treats, and talents give deobeasts a great advantage in attributes and real-world battle power, we gave Mythic beasts a higher increase in quality. After transformation, Mythic beasts receive a +10 bonus to each type of quality. Deobeasts receive a +5 bonus.


● Battle Power: In this test of battle power increases, Illustrious strange beasts receive +8,000 battle power and deobeasts receive +9,455 after transformation!


Well, that's all for now! Are you excited for Northmount, travelers? We'll be waiting for you there!