The Merfolk Hymn treasure hunt event is about to start

The Merfolk Hymn treasure hunt event is about to start!

Is that a merfolk's song I hear in Chimeraland? With just one song, my feet turns into a fish tail!

The Merfolk Hymn treasure hunt event is about to start!

After the update on September 23, the Merfolk Hymm treasure hunt event will be available in Chimeraland! This treasure hunt not only grants a Merfolk Hymm themed suit and a Seabird themed suit, but with the release of the Oceanic theme, we've also added a series of new underwater themed skins, Illusio Weapons, and Home masonry! So come create an Oceanic Chimeraland world that belongs to just you and me!


When Merfolk Appear, Chimeraland Will Break Out in Song!


A mysterious tribe resides in Chimeraland's underwater world. Rumor has it that they love weaving—not weaving silks and such, but weaving in and out of the water, and their touching ballads speak of their musical giftings. They're known to the world as the "merfolk tribe". After the update on September 22, travelers will also have the opportunity to transform into merfolk!

Transform into a mesmerizing Chimeraland merfolk!



For this series' finale, after owning the Merfolk Hymm Set, the achievement—Merfolk's Tears will be unlocked (Water Weaver for male characters) and you'll obtain the corresponding exclusive Emote: Moonlit Melody (Emote for male characters: Merman's Song) and corresponding exclusive achievements, avatar frames, and titles!


This time we attempted a completely new twist on the exclusive Weather Emote. After using this series' Emote, not only will it turn the surrounding environment into a seabed with surging waves and fantastic marine creatures, characters will also be transformed into merfolk and will be able to swim along the mysterious seabed. With just one Emote, you'll be able to immerse your friends in your very own "fish pond". Now, doesn't that sound really exciting?

Male merfolk Emote effects

Female merfolk Emote effects


Additionally, this achievement also unlocks a new Emote function! After using it, you'll be able to hear the melodious singing of the merfolk tribe in Chimeraland. I heard that the devs have included a number of songs for travelers to pick and switch between which they'll prefer to hear. So travelers, remember to experience this amazing event once its released!


Seabirds, Fishes, and the Vast Ocean!


In this treasure hunt event, in addition to the Merfolk Hymm Set, the new Seabird theme and Little Nommo theme suit will also be available! The seabirds in the sky and the fish swimming underwater are now able to cross impossible distances and come together in Chimeraland!

Male Seabird theme suit

Female Little Nommo theme suit


I wonder what kind of new and stylish combinations Chimeraland travelers will put together with these new chest armors?!


A Whimsical Mythical Night Where Evolved Beasts Morph Into Ocean Spirits!



As one of the most popular and mythical evolved beasts in Chimeraland, I believe this is the first thing that'll come to travelers' minds when they imagine a World Info Beast—the Drune! Therefore, in conjunction with this Merfolk Hymm themed event, we've also added new looks for everyone's beloved Drune and Dululululu!

Drune: Merfolk Hymn Illusio Pet


The dreamy Drune shines crystal clear under the sunlight. Ride this Drune around Chimeraland and feel the iridescence reflected in the sun's rays. After all, you'll be the most striking one in Chimeraland!


And the cute and lovely Dululululu will be transformed into a little mermaid. Just imagine "holding her in your palm". Doesn't that sound exciting? Unfortunately, Dululululu was too shy to pose for a photo before this. So, travelers will have to wait until the update on September 22 to appreciate her new outfit!


Illusio Weapon and Masonry Are Here! So, Go Claim Your Underwater Palace Now!


Now that you've gotten your Oceanic suit and beloved pet, don't you want to build youself an immersive underwater palace?! Of course, you'll also need a crystal clear weapon and an Oceanic Home! But don't you worry, because Chimeraland has it all! Merfolk themed Illusio Weapons and new Shell Home Building materials will also be released during the treasure hunt event on September 22. This time, the new Oceanic Illusio Weapon includes the pipa, Captivating Zither, tranquil fan, and Divine Cudgel which travelers can choose from after the update.


Pipa: Merfolk Hymn Illusio Weapon

Captivating Zither: Merfolk Hymn Illusio Weapon


At the same time, after a long while, we're releasing a brand new Oceanic Shell themed Home Building material! Come everyone, let's dive in and enjoy this Oceanic treasure hunt event! I believe that with all travelers' creativity and imagination, we'll be able to see absolutely jaw-dropping Homes!

Shell Home Building


But how does one get enough Home Building materials? I believe travelers would also like matching decor to decorate their Homes, so this time, we'll also be introducing a new roof ridge decor for everyone! It's said that some can see the beautiful love between merfolk from it. What about you? Can you see it too?

And here's a little surprise for you guys...


In addition to the Oceanic theme, this treasure hunt event also comes with a specially prepared new grapple hook skin appearance that travelers have been longing for! And the grapple hook can now transform into a quirky Chameleon! Do you guys like it? Or would you feel bad for this poor little Chameleon when using it?

Grapple Hook: Chameleon Appearance



That's all for the Merfolk Hymm themed treasure hunt event, and I can't wait for this event to start! I'm curious about what you guys think about the new treasure hunt event appearance. So, feel free to share your ideas and feedback!

See you next time!