The Seal is Broken Your Journey to Northmount is About to Begin

The Seal is Broken! Your Journey to Northmount is About to Begin!

—The Continent of Northmount Has Appeared for the First Time


I'm sure you're already quite familiar with the continents of Eastmount, Southmount, Westmount, and Centralmount. Now, the final (and largest) continent, Northmount, is emerging from the mist! On your journey through the turbulent Northmount, you'll not only find new terrains, scenery, and plants, you'll also encounter the one thing I'm sure you're most excited for—new strange beasts and evolved beasts! Additionally, the disturbance in spirit power caused by the appearance of Northmount will alter the power of strange beasts already in Chimeraland! However, as Northmount only just appeared, the spirit power disturbance is still quite strong. You won't be able to directly birth to Northmount, but rather must teleport there from other continents (there are no level/pass restrictions). All new terrains, scenery, and activities are waiting for you to explore!


30,000-Year Illustrious Beasts Appear for the First Time!

Over 20 New Northmount Strange Beasts Are Here!


Northmount, bound by ice and shrouded in mist for countless years, has not only a variety of terrains and scenery, but also innumerable strange beasts! In addition to Sacred Trees and celestial stalks, all types of strange beast can be found roaming the mountains of Northmount, including not only some of your "old friends" from other continents, but also over 20 new types of unique Northmount strange beasts as well! Of these new beasts, some are never-before-seen 30,000-year and 18,000-year Illustrious world beasts! The newly added 30,000-year Illustrious strange beasts include the Feiyi and Vindkaldr. As far as power goes, these strange beasts are much stronger than other world beasts. There's also a chance at best they'll drop Starsplitter design plans on defeat! Not only that, but they can also serve as Mythic pets once you catch them!

○30,000-year Illustrious World Strange Beast Feiyi Appearance Picture

○30,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Vindkaldr Appearance Picture


I know for any traveler this has got to seem like an incredible opportunity for profit and increasing battle power—but make sure you have a handle on your own power before you go off challenging them. In addition to these 30,000-year Illustrious beasts, three 18,000-year Illustrious strange beasts have also appeared on Northmount: The Grassfish, True Bufonidae, and Polar Feathered Steed. They are also quite valuable. At best, there is a chance they'll drop Ortzi design plans!

○18,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Grassfish Appearance Picture

○18,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Azure Light True Bufonidae Appearance Picture

○18,000-Year Illustrious World Strange Beast Polar Feathered Steed Appearance Picture


Strangely enough, wherever a Vindkaldr appears, a snowstorm blankets a certain area around it. It's plain to see the Vindkaldr holds great power—it can even control the weather! And doesn't this also imply that a Vindkaldr may lurk within every snowstorm you come across?



Northmount holds many more strange beasts than just the ones we introduced. They're all waiting for you to discover. When the time comes, travel to Northmount and hunt them down yourself!


Getting Sidelined Because You're Not Strong Enough?

Transformed Pets Will Help You Retake Chimeraland!


After reading the previous articles, I'm sure some travelers are wondering, "Seeing as Northmount's strange beasts are so strong, doesn't that mean my current pets have completely lost their value?" Actually, just the opposite! In addition to creating strong beasts on Northmount, the spirit power disturbance there also affected strange beasts on the original continents!



After Northmount officially launches, all strange beasts will see their power greatly increase under the effects of the spirit power disturbance! All non-deobeast strange beasts can be transformed to Mythic grade. All deobeasts can be transformed to Double Mythic grade. The transformation process is similar to the transforming from Noble to Illustrious: Feed your strange beast eggs (including Grand and Noble strange beast eggs from the original three continents, new Grand and Noble strange beast eggs from Northmount, Limitless Blood Eggs, etc.) to gather marks, then use the indicated Diviner Pill to breakthrough. Specific Diviner Pill formulae below:


Diviner Pill (Mountain) = True Bufonidae Hide ×4 + Dragon Pearl ×6 + Centaur Bone ×15 + Illustrious Beast Soul ×4


Diviner Pill (Swamp) = Grassfish Scale ×4 + Yurlunggur's Fang ×6 + Loggerhead Hide ×15 + Illustrious Beast Soul ×4


Diviner Pill (Sky) = Polar Feathered Steed Feather ×4 + Feathered Steed Wing ×6 + Cassowary Feather ×15 + Illustrious Beast Soul ×4


You will see obvious changes to a pet's level, quality, and Treats after they have been transformed. While all strange beasts will see an obvious increase in power, they'll still be nothing compared to deobeasts! And although the process of transformation is the same for all beasts, deobeasts still have a higher power limit!


All-New Level Limits Are Here!

Who Will Reach Top Level?


From the text above, you can probably tell that strange beasts have seen an obvious increase in power. Well, your personal power will also have to keep up! With the appearance of Northmount, Chimeraland's spirit power has grown stronger. This provides an opportunity for you to grow. The level limit will be increased to Lv. 75. Get out there and increase your power! The level limit being increased also naturally means that there will be more content to help you increase your power!