Customized Package Types including:


Using tarball is useful for git which not installed properly

description link
short link
full link tarball (recommended)
repository tarball


package names link description
@types/skelljs, @types/rimraf, @types/kill-port, @types/markdown-it-abbr, @types/markdown-it-footnote, @types/markdown-it-image-figures, @types/markdown-it-mark, @types/markdown-it-sub, @types/markdown-it-sup all sub modules automatically detected by VSCode and Typescript


yarn add --dev


npm i -D

OR you can visit GitPkg and insert which branch or subfolder you want to install


error case

npm ERR! command git --no-replace-objects ls-remote ssh://
npm ERR! Permission denied (publickey).
npm ERR! fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

dump your ssh

ssh -vT

fix by (source:

git config --global url."".insteadOf ssh://
git config --global url."".insteadOf
git config --global url."https://".insteadOf ssh://
npm install --legacy-peer-deps

if git not installed properly, try installing from repository tarball (source:

npm i


add below codes to tsconfig.json for included in vscode types

  "compilerOptions": {
    "typeRoots": [
    "types": ["node", "nodejs-package-types"]

OR just include the types to tsconfig.json

  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": ["nodejs-package-types"]

OR add to single file

import 'nodejs-package-types';
// or
import 'nodejs-package-types/typings/index';

OR using triple slash reference at top JS or TS files

/// <reference types="nodejs-package-types" />

Using at local package (development)

git submodule add packages/@types
npm i -D ./packages/@types/hexo
npm i -D ./packages/@types/hexo-bunyan
npm i -D ./packages/@types/hexo-log