About IAG


International Airlines Group (IAG) is one of the world's largest airline groups with 573 aircraft flying to 268 destinations and carrying around 118 million passengers each year. It is a Spanish registered company with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange and Spanish Stock Exchanges.

IAG is the parent company of the Group, exerting vertical and horizontal influence over its portfolio of companies. IAG is supported by its Management Committee which is made up of CEOs from across the operating companies and IAG senior management. The portfolio sits on a common integrated platform driving efficiency and simplicity while allowing each operating company to achieve its individual performance targets and maintain its unique identity.

PT Asuransi Parolamas

About Parolamas

PT Asuransi Parolamas (Parolamas) is a corporate part of the IAG Group the largest general insurance companies in Australia and New Zealand, and also one of the leading general insurance companies in the Asia Pacific. IAG has experience more than 150 years in providing insurance for individuals, families and business.

In Indonesia, Parolamas had its operations in 1964 and had more than 53 years of experience in providing insurance protection general to individual and business customers.

In April 2015, IAG acquired Parolamas, and had ownership 80% share. The Parolamas continue to gain the trust of the Indonesian people in providing the best service to business partners and customers when they need.

Parolamas has a business license in the insurance sector based on the Decree Director General of Domestic Monetary Number KEP-7436 / MD / 1986 dated November 13, 1986.


Tentang Simplr

Simplr is the newest brand from Parolamas that offers life benefit insurance products that can be purchased easily via transparent, honest, clear, simple and fast online.

Simplr provides digital access that can be opened anytime and anywhere. The application process offered is also easy and hassle-free and can provide information about the types of benefits clearly in language that is easy to understand. In addition, the fees provided are on one page only, and no other additional costs.



Kendaraan bermotor adalah pembelian bernilai bagi setiap individu, dan kami memahami hal ini. Ijinkan kami membantu menjaga pembelian bernilai Anda dengan proteksi penuh dari produk Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor kami.



Lindungi diri Anda dan keluarga dengan Asuransi Kecelakaan Diri Personal Accident Plus (PA+) dari kami. Menjalani hidup tidak pernah setenang ini.



Asuransi Rumah & Harta Benda Parolamas adalah sebuah produk perlindungan terhadap rumah dan/atau isinya atas kerusakan yang disebabkan oleh kebakaran, petir, ledakan, kejatuhan pesawat terbang, maupun asap yang disingkat FLEXAS.



Salah satu aset berharga dari seorang individu adalah properti. Ijinkan kami melindungi aset berharga Anda. Lindungi properti Anda dengan asuransi semua risiko properti dari kami. Ketenangan hidup yang tidak dapat tergantikan.