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Buddy must have bookmarks in the browser's favorite sites belonging to my friend, this so easily at any time in order to return to the website or the website. Almost all browsers have facilities such boookmarks, but unfortunately we could not open the bookmarks on another computer. This is what social bookmarking sites, we can mark or save the sites we like and open it again through another computer, which must have an internet connection.
Several Bookmarking Sites Usually the social bookmarking site is used to increase traffic for the blog owner with to submit articles which they think is important, then add the tags in the form of a link or links. Because bookmarking sites is no different as the other social networking sites, then we can share or share with other users.
Actually, many social bookmarking sites that can be found on the internet. Here I want to share on buddy, what are the social bookmarking site that is often used to store favorite sites and submit your blog.
6. Http://
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