10 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name To Blog

10 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name To Blog | WMI - https://cdn.searchenginejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/shutterstock_213667126.jpg Choosing the right domain name is one of the things that is important when you want to build a blog (or website).
A blogger blogging beginners just learning not usually think carefully when you want to choose a domain name ( including me used to be ).
Though actually a lot of important things to note.

The important things any kind, Mas?

Quite a lot.
Please observe any tips on choosing a domain name for a blog below.

1. Do not use a free domain name

The first thing to note is best to not use a free domain.
Free domain are frequently sought by beginner bloggers can not wait kepengin use their own domain name but has not had the money or pretended not have money to pay for a paid domain.
The free domain such example. TK,. GA,. ML,etc.

It is why, Bro? If there are free why should you buy?

If my friend wants to build a blog to be managed seriously then put on a free domain name is the less intelligent.
The reason:

  • Free Domain’m not entirely free, usually just free the first year or no hidden requirements. One time my friend could lose access to domain pal without notice (I’ve been there)
  • Free domain is often used by spam blogs. Someday to get banned by Google ( once already happened )
  • Ugly, not professional, not cool

2. Forget EMD, select a domain brandable

Fuck it EMD and brandable domains, Mas?

EMD or Exact-Match Domains is a domain that use targeted keywords to rank in the search engines.
For example, my friend wanted to target the keyword “How to Make Cake” nah friend could use Exact-Match Domains “www.cara-membuat-kue.com
While brandable domain is a domain name that is more about branding rather than keywords. Trivial example like google.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com, etc.
For about EMD vs. actually brandable domain is often a debate among bloggers.Some argue EMD better because it can help improve rankings in the search engines, there is also an opinion that domain brandable much nicer.
I personally prefer to use instead of using a domain brandable domain solely to the pursuit of a keyword.
The first reason because I think the Exact-Match Domains is not so greatly affect the ranking in search engines, especially Google.
Both because of Exact-Match Domains is synonymous with the web-web spam and low quality web sites.
No wonder that in 2012 yesterday Google updated its algorithm to reduce the Exact-Match Domains web of poor quality search results.

Continue if means using the keywords in the domain name was ugly?

Not at all, man can still use the keywords in the domain name of origin instead of the Exact-Match Domains.
Examples such as the online store websitetokopedia.com. The domain contains the keyword “store”, but still there is an element brandingnya.

3. Do not use the trademark in a domain name

This one usually is often overlooked by when registering a domain name.
Though using the trademarks or registered trademarks of others in the domain name can be risky blog we are required by the trademark owner.
For example, my friend make a blog withmbahgoogle.com domain name, it is not likely that Google will contact you later buddy parties to demand a fine of 500 million for using their trademark without permission.
So check first before registering a domain name if the domain name contains the trademark pal select or not.

4. Select the extension .COM, .NET or ccTLD

When my friend looking for a domain name try to find a domain with the extension .COM.The reason for this domain extension is the most popular on the internet.
Most people who still lay on the internet assume all internet website addresses behind disposable .COM. So in order to not confuse the layman, use a .COM extension.
If the friend does not find a domain name that fits with the .COM extension, the alternative could be to use the .NETextensions (the second most popular domain extension).
But if .COM and .NET nobody fits, the third alternative is to use a ccTLD.
Most people would recommend. ORG as a third alternative, but I would recommend theccTLD for .ORG less suitable for installation on the blog.
What is a ccTLD?
ccTLD stands for Country Code Top-Level Domains, a domain extension devoted to particular countries.
IDs=Indonesia (sugeng.id)
.DLL=Abbreviation of “And Others”

5. Create a domain name as unique as possible

Create a buddy domain name as unique as possible, do not imitate an existing domain name.
For example, your blog talks about technology, so try not to use the word"Techno" in the domain name.
Because as far as I have seen already very many tech blogs that use the word "Techno"in the domain name.
I think it is too market.

6. Ensure easily typed, remember and pronounce

In addition to a unique domain name that my friend should also be easily typed choose, remember and pronounce. It is important to help us in blog promotion, particularly the promotion of offline.
When there is a friend or a neighbor who Nanya address our blog, we are so not confused jelasinnya.
Examples of real events:

Friend: bro, b_log address what ?_
I: bro, hyphens sugeng dot com
Friend: it was written hubungnya sign or what?
Me: Yes
Friend: (open Google Chrome continues typing “mastandahubungsugeng.com”)
I: tepok forehead
Here are some tips to mate easily typed the domain name, remember, and pronounced or3D.

7. Do not choose a domain name based on the trend

This one actually depends on the topic of your blog. If the topic of your blog is specifically only discuss topics ngetrend course, it did not really matter if you choose a domain name that adapts to the trend.
For example, in 2015 yesterday ngetrend really named agate, now my friend can use a domain name such as infobatuakik.com if indeed the topic of your blog is devoted to about agate.
But if my friend wants to create a blog about other stones and will be managed for the long term, it would be smarter to not use the name of agate in the domain name.
Because not agate will remain popular in the years ahead.

8. Do not use the former domain

Domain former how means ?

Former domain I mean here is the domain name has previously unscheduled on behalf of others but the domain is already expired and can be registered again.
Actually not a problem when we use the domains that have been registered, only sometimes the former domain of web spam, pornography, viruses or other bad contents.
Besides not least also the former domains that had been banned by the search engine Google or even banned Google AdSense, which means that my friend uses the domain of your blog’m not going to appear in search engines and also can not be monetized with Google AdSense.
So when my friend looking for a domain name and find a cool domain name that is not registered, soon to be checked because it is likely that domain is a former domain.

How To Check It ?

To check the scars domain simply log in tohttp://whois.domaintools.com/ type the domain name that you want, then clickSearch.
If there appear the words “Deleted And Available Again” means that domain is the domain of the former.
10 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name To Blog | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Domain-bekas.png
For checking whether the domain had been banned AdSense or not live in just to http://www.isbanned.com/

9. Register a domain in a trusted place

Tips on choosing a domain name that I mentioned above are very important, but there is one more thing that is no less important, is choosing a place registering a domain name you trust.
Do not let pal register domain names in the fake only for reasons of cost or because there’s more big discounts-gedean.
Surely my friend did not want to lose access to the domain friend have for providers of domain name disappeared without a trace, either because of bankruptcy or because of other reasons.
Rumahweb.com is one of the trusted domain name provider that I recommend.
Know reliable from, Mas?

  • It has been established since 2002
  • Many are the make sure
  • Domain price reasonable
  • It has been accredited by ICANN

10. Tips from my friend here …

Perhaps only until the number 9 Any tips on choosing a domain name that I can convey.
Her tips so that even to 10 (ten) I want my friend to fill in the comment column.