Blog search description activate important to improve CTR, SEO and relevance of articles

You probably already know the character of the search engines, especially Google, you can see and analyze how the Google search engine displays the title of your blog on search engine results page (SERP) when it managed to appear in the best position, observe, you will definitely see the title of the blog and a brief description below, yes almost all search engines, especially google, when displaying search results that are displayed normally blog title and a brief description at the bottom.

A short description that appears at the bottom could be a description of the searches that you do, if the description is relevant to the keyword search engine, if not then the description that appears is the result of processing a search engine by combining the words that are relevant are selected from the contents of the article.

A short description that appears at the bottom of the title in the search results is actually to provide brief information to the search engine users, and descriptions that appear to determine the number of clicks on the title of your article in the search results, if the title or description they consider relevant or representative of what is being they are looking for, then you can bet they will decide to visit your blog, thus indirectly Descriptions can increase CTR (Click throught rate) of the article.

Activate Blog Search Description To Improve CTR, SEO and Relevance Of Articles | WMI -

Meta description of the search description does not constitute 200+ google ranking factors , but the presence of meta description on every page of the blog post article can determine the degree of relevance of the article to the keywords used by Internet users, so even though Google does not enter into the search description one of the factors seo , but its existence is worth considering because it does not directly contribute to determine the quality seo articles concerned.

I personally still search description required to be included, because I think the incredible benefits to improve the relevance of the article, increasing the key vocabulary and also increase the CTR (Click Trought Rate clicked the title of the article) when he was found in the search results.

How to activate a search description for the blog article

almost all the platforms blog either wordpress, blogspot, mywapblog and other blog is already facilitated the search description that we can customize the contents, but khsusus to blogspot search description usually in a non-active when the blog is created, so that when the article is made then this article will not have a meta description or meta description for the article is empty.

So that each article post that you create has its own search description that you can customize the content, then the search description facilities at your blogspot blog berfaltform be activated.

Steps to activate the search description at blogspot

Oh yes in setting their own blogspot, actually there are two settings of the first search description search description in the Settings> Basic | in the description section, while the second is the setting description in the Search Preferences menu | The Meta Tags section - description, both can fill, but the descriptions are different.

The description contained in the Menu Settings> Basic it is the description for the blog title, so the description will appear below the title of your blog, if you bring up the template header, while the description contained in **the Search Preferences Menu |**at the Meta Description - The description of it is for the meta description that will fill every article posts you make.

To enable the search description or meta description of your blog posts then you must activate is the search description in the Search Preferences Menu | descriptions, with the following steps:

a. Login to your blogspot account page

b. On the left side of the menu bar, select Settings> Search preferences | meta description - Description

Activate Blog Search Description To Improve CTR, SEO and Relevance Of Articles | WMI -

c. Please press the edit button to fill the search description of your blog’s main page

d. Then press the Save Changes button when you’re finished filling.

The description that you enter on that later will form the Meta description or a description to search the main page of your blog or homepage halamn your blog.

By enabling the search description at once will bring up the search description stuffing facilities in the editor of your blog posts that you can fill with what you want.

To be sure please just try to create a new post, on the right you will see the settings description entry search with a magnifying glass icon, to fill just click writings, in the box that appears please fill out to complete the article post is being created.

Activate Blog Search Description To Improve CTR, SEO and Relevance Of Articles | WMI -

Description penulusuran that you fill in this section will be the meta description for the articles that you create.

How to fill the description of a good search and seo friendly

please fill in the description that seo friendly, how you can enter keywords, Fill the keyword in the search description, please make that descriptions can represent the contents of the article as a whole, so the description is able to appear in Google search results as a description of the titles that can improve the relevance and Nikai click on the title.

Meta descriptions as much as possible no more than 156 characters, if more then the search engine will be cut to only 156 characters, so pastingan to fill with effective language and can represent the entire contents of the article.