How to fix Feedburner feed double titles issue – Quick tip

How to fix Feedburner feed double titles issue | WMI -

Most of the wordpress users syndicate their RSS feeds victimisation Feedburner. For people who don’t understand, Feedburner may be a service that delivers your recent web log posts via email to your subscribers. have you ever ever seen your Feedburner subscriber stats count jumping up and down, it goes crazy occasionally and it’s a glitch! Recently we have a tendency to found some totally different issue with our Feedburner feed that it’s showing 2 feed titles like this (blog title web log title), examine the image below. we have a tendency to couldn’t determine the matter that’s inflicting this issue till we have a tendency to found the answer on-line. thus is your Feedburner feed showing double titles? If thus then it’s easy to mend. Here we’ll show you ways to mend Feedburner feed double titles issue.

How to fix Feedburner feed double titles issue | WMI -

We still bear in mind that once we organized Feedburner with our wordpress website the title good|is ideal} and also the email title and subject that Feedburner delivers is additionally perfect. however recently when dynamical to custom theme we tend to found some abnormal behavior of Feedburner delivering the e-mail that’s it shows 2 titles in email and in feed. thus we tend to distinguished that the matter isn’t with Feedburner, it’s with wordpress that’s showing double titles in RSS feed. Here is however you fix that.

Fixing Feedburner feed double titles issue

To solve this double title downside you wish access to your wordpress files that’s via cpanel or ftp. Login to your site’s electrical device and head to the file manager wherever you may see all of your wordpress files. currently open wp-includes folder and in this folder you may see 2 files named feed-rss.php and feed-rss2.php. good click on those files, click on edit and so press CTRL + F to go looking for this line.

<title><?php bloginfo_rss('name'); wp_title_rss(); ?></title>

After finding it replace that line with the below code and after you done modifying those 2 files click on save. currently clear your browser cache and check whether or not the double titles issue is gone, if not then strive the Feedburner technique below.

<title><?php wp_title_rss(); ?></title>

How to remove double title in Feedburner

How to fix Feedburner feed double titles issue | WMI -

Login to your Feedburner account then opt for your journal feed. Next click on optimize tab and in optimize tab you’ll seeTitle/Description burner. Open that one, enter your new feed title and once done save changes and activate the service. That’s it, to create positive the title is mounted go visit your Feedburner feed.
Hope this helped you to mend Feedburner double titles issue, if you prefer this text then please take our RSS feeds (you will realize the subscribe box above) to induce a lot of updates.