How to Remove Blogger sidebar and make spesific pages at full width

This one is a famous request in Blogger Help Forum - instructions to shroud the sidebar on one of the static pages, and make the principle blog appear in full width in that page, and in that page alone. As a rule, I'd give a customize answer for every asker, as every one of them had diverse blog with various format that had distinctive settings. Today, I at long last set aside the opportunity to sum up this change. Anybody can utilize the arrangement in this page, and you'll get what you need - allude to the title, I'm not going to rehash what this instructional exercise does. Or, on the other hand possibly I will. You get the opportunity to conceal your sidebars (doesn't make a difference left, right or both) and utilize that space to extend your fundamental posting territory, on pages that you pick. You can apply this change both on your static pages or potentially your post pages (the page that heaps when you tap on the title of your posts).


Did I mention that this is a one-step tutorial?

Step 1: 

Backup Template (export on themes section) - Close -  Edit HTML - Proceed - Find for </b:skin> - Paste the following codes below </b:skin> - Change the URL in Line 1 to the URL of your page.
The code set up:

Once more, remember to change the deliver in Line 1 to the address of your page. In the event that you need to apply the change to more than a page, simply duplicate and glue another arrangement of comparable code underneath the first, and place the other page's address on the second code. On the off chance that you need to apply the change to the majority of your static pages, see the Reward segment beneath.

If you consider it, here i give bonus:

In the event that you need to apply the change to the greater part of your pages, rather than tending to the page one by one, utilize the accompanying code:
To apply the change to all your post-pages (the page that opens when you tap on the title of your post), which won't not be a smart thought, utilize the code underneath:

That will be help all people, now go have a great time.

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