Cara Menghilangkan Ikon Quick Edit dan Icon Wrench di Blogspot
How to Remove Screwdriver Icons and Pliers (Quick Edit and Wrench).

Quick Edit Icon and Wrench Icon (
icon screwdrivers and pliers
) usually appear on Blogspot Blog when we login.

The Quick Edit icon (pencil drawing) usually appears at the end of the post. Its function is to make it easier for bloggers to edit the post.

Just click the pencil icon or image, then bloggers can edit or update posts.

Icon Wrench or Screwdriver & Tang appear on every Gadget / Widget in the sidebar.Functions the same as the quick edit icon, which allows bloggers to edit the widget on his blog.

The problem is, some bloggers feel annoyed with these icons. After all we can edit the widget and post directly on the dashboard.

After all, the existence of these two icons seems to make our blog so "less SEO Friendly". The proof, please check in
, it will appear
Image Missing Description & Title,
among which Wrench icon is located at .

In addition, the
Quick Edit icon and Icon Wrench
apparently make our blogs not Valid HTML, so it should be removed.

How to Remove Quick Edit Icon and Icon Wrench on Blogspot

1. Dashboard> Template> Edit HTML
2. Find (Ctrl + F) and delete all code <b: include name = 'quickedit' />
3. Save!

It's easy, right?

Every time we add a widget in the sidebar or wherever, the Wrench Icon will appear, meaning the code <b: include name = 'quickedit' /> will also appear in the template. Then, each add widget, we must delete it anyway! It so Tired ......!

Cara Menghilangkan Ikon Obeng dan Tang Quick Edit  Wrench
For Quick Edit which is pictorial pencil, can also be removed by unchecking Quick Edit in Dashboard: Layout> Blog Post> Edit.

How to not appear or remove it automatically?

1. Dashboard> Template> Edit HTML
2. Find the code </ b: skin>
3. Copy the below code and save the above code </ b: skin>. If it's there, make sure the display is "none".
.quickedit {display: none;}
4. Save!

Easy How to Eliminate Quick Edit Icon and Icon Wrench on Blogspot? Good luck ....!
Similarly How to Eliminate Quick Screwdriver Icons and Tang Quick Edit Wrench which automatically appear every add new widget in blog.
Good Luck & Happy Blogging!( *