The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -

In the world of marketing or online marketing, I know there are two important things that must be mastered, that is about how to market products effectively and efficiently.Perhaps, some of you are asking ’
what is effective and efficient marketing?
'. Okay I will explain first about the two terms are very closely related to the marketing.

KBBI Version:

Effective is able to bring results
Efficient is appropriate or appropriate to do things by not wasting time, effort and money

MY Version:

Effective is efficacious (powerful)
Efficient is not excessive (frugal)

Effective ease is anything that relates to the work or otherwise of the strategy, while being efficient in terms of cost and effort.

So it can be concluded, an Internet Marketers, should properly master the strategy or way of online marketing is effective and efficient, in order to get the right target and to cut costs and time of promotion.

In the world of marketing, effectively and efficiently defined as:

  • Effective=Right on target
  • Efficient=Save promotional costs

However, the problem is, not many of us know what an effective and efficient online marketing is. For that reason in this article I will try to explain 7 Online Marketing Strategies that will help you to market the product effectively and efficiently.


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -

The first strategy before you do online marketing is to determine the goods and research market share first, look at the competition and start thinking about whether we can provide goods or services better than existing ones.Suppose you want to sell ornamental fish, market research you have to do is find out how many breeder fishes are around your neighborhood, and if the competition is not too tight, then the second research is to ask yourself if you can provide betta fish better (cheaper, healthier) than your competitors?

If you feel inadequate, then you should back off, and do some research for other items, because if you are going to do fish business, but your competitors have better (fish) and service than you will offer, it is not a profit obtained but can be a loss.


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -

In doing research, your job is not just looking for goods that have great benefits only, but you also have to do research and find out the needs of consumers, for example than you sell fish arowana supper red (because the benefits are great) but people around you who eg notabenya is a keeper of birds, then no matter how hard you try to sell such expensive fish will not be purchased, because your consumers do not need the fish, and will be different story if you directly ask the consumer, what type of fish he needs, for example your neighbor is answering guppy fish.

So try to market guppy fish, this will be more effective aka target, because your consumers obviously need guppy fish to be used as animal feed (bird). And it would be useless if you force to sell arowana fish, so this is where the importance to find the consumer’s fame before marketing the product.


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -
If when marketing your product is having trouble with potential buyers who are concerned about the high price of the goods you sell, lest you hurry to lower the price, first try to give the solution to your prospect, for example you can use the word words below:

The expensive price is a relative price, because if Mr / Ms buy goods at a cheap price then the quality will also be directly proportional to the price of alias quickly broken.and if calculated calculate then the expenditure will Mr / Ms to spend will be the same.

The point is using a wise word, lest you seem to fool the prospective buyer, if the price you peg expensive from the market price, then explain what makes the item has a higher price, and so prospective buyers will understand and may decide to buy.


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -
If you often visit the website or blog of Caucasians who discuss about the tutorial, then almost always give the email box in the sidebar, which on average reads Follow by Email. Normally if you enter your email address and decide to become a subcriber, then the email sent to you is a notification of the latest updates of the site.

For example you subscribe to emails from Another Sites, then every time this blog updates then the email sent to your email is a message that contains the latest updates about this blog in the form of fresh articles.

And if the actual jelly you can manipulate it, by making a message from an email that should contain an update notification into an email containing promotions or online marketing of your merchandise, this would be more effective. How? I learned this knowledge from a free ebook shared by mas Syamsul Alam (Thank you) where he explained that we can manipulate the feed on an email box in a blog with feeds from other blogs (especially for promotions).

For example you have 2 Blogs:

  • Blog A (main blog) and,
  • Blog B (promotion blog)

When there are visitors who enter the email with the aim of subscribing news feed from Blog A, then you can manipulate it by changing it to subscribe in Blog B, so visitors who initially thought would get newsfeed from Blog A, do not know if he actually has subscribed to newsfeed from Blog B .

Next please make your post or article in Blog B that contains promotion or online marketing, then automatically, subcribers will get a promotional email in their account or their inbox, a very effective and efficient online marketing way is not it?


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -
Closing is the most important part of the marketing world, because your efforts will be determined at this stage, whether your campaign will be in vain or not. Because if you wrong little in choosing the right closing sentences and potentially to discredit potential buyers, then do not be sorry if the prospective buyer is blurred.

Some examples of the wrong word when closing are:

So buy or not?
Want, buy now or tomorrow?

Try to avoid using those words, and try to replace them with the following words:

So, want to take this product or that one, sir?
No product guarantee is still left until tomorrow sir

What should be emphasized in the closing technique is to make sure customers to place an order as soon as possible, because if it is stalled, will be very potential customers change their mind.


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -
What I mean cross promotion here is offering other products that are still related to the first product you sell.For example when the buyer decides to buy a helmet, then do not just offer a helmet only, try to offer other items such as gloves or masks.

But make sure the goods you offer are interrelated and do not let anyone buy a helmet but instead you offer a computer, it will not be maximal.


The 7 Most Effective and Efficient Online Marketing Strategies | WMI -
An Internet Marketers or an online marketer, is obliged to master the After Sales service, because not a few who assume the task has been completed when it has managed to sell an item, but if we want to provide extra servants then it is not impossible that the customer will return to buy our goods , and can even become a regular customer.

Seventh Online Marketing Strategy or Ways that I convey above is just a piece of marketing science that exist on the Internet, because it is in the science of online marketing knowledge is very wide alias very much. But I’m sure, if you apply it properly and correctly, I believe online sales will increase.

Actually there is one more good enough way to increase the effectiveness of your online marketing, that is by marketing the product through the Online Store, because with the online store it proves that you are serious in selling a product, so not only through BBM or Social Media only. For you who are interested and want to create an online store, please read the complete guide how to create an online store for free, in this article How to Create an Online Store.

In the meantime I can tell you, sorry if it is not too helpful, because it is a good science it is a science that we learn ourselves in the field, so from try and error is the science of online marketing that you will actually be.