1. How to collect fruit

PENACCODUS OPERATIONAL EVENT The island is caught in a 45-trench tropical island or 55-plus snowy island.

=> I heard that it is good if it is a great success.

It does not matter whether it is a jackpot or not because you have to mix fruit juices infinitely.

Failure should not be allowed. (This is because fatigue is reduced or the body gives offensive effects.)

2. Making fruit juice

You need two fruits and one sugar (or one honey) to make fruit juice.

When picking fruits, there are three kinds of ops.

High acidity / high sugar content / soft flesh is attached. (Except for the bad off)

When I first made fruit, I made fruit juice in just one time and made fruit juice.

At that time, there was a good obligation on the fruit market.

(For example, increase in awareness, increase in skill, increase in collecting ability, increase in mining ability, etc.).

Of course, if you increase your collecting ability and increase your mining ability by more than 26 reps,

When you make fruit juice with a mixture of fruit juice, it is hard to get fruit juice with more than 26 rep.

=> Tips for making fruit juice

  1. When making fruit juice for the first time, just mix it.

(Because the fruit of the original is from 1 to 2 levels most of the time, the 3rd level is rare and the 4th to 5th level is almost non-existent).

  1. When mixing once more with the finished fruit juice, mix it while looking at the ops, and you have a high level option.

=> How to raise the fruit liquid option level

The result from mixing the fruit juice for the second time is random, but when mixing fruit juices at the same level of the same ops

A high probability that a high level of high-level adheres to the fruit juice.

ex) High acidity LV.2 + High acidity LV.2 = High acidity LV.3

High sugar content LV.2 + High sugar content LV.2 = High sugar content LV.3

Soft flesh LV.2 + Soft flesh LV.2 = Soft flesh LV.3

The only thing to be careful about here is that you have to mix the fruit juice of the same ops.

Otherwise, it is difficult to raise the level of the ops.

3. Special op (woody, fruity)

Now I’m going to talk about a special op you are most interested in making spring fruit.

As it has been before,

Increase slaughtering ability or increase building capacity, increase furniture production ability, or increase craft and weapons production ability

Fruit flavor => Increase armor production ability, increase sewing ability or increase cooking ability, increase farming ability

Each of these options is randomly attached.

(If you have a special opponent because it is random, you may not have any of the above options.)

  1. How to express the incense of wood

In order for the incense of wood to appear, it is necessary to mix the high acidity and make the fruit juice.

In the case of me, the acidity is high. LV.4 + the acidity is high. LV.4 = LV.1 ~ 2 of woody fragrance.

=> The combination of high acidity is required to randomly blend with the wood.

The higher the pH level, the higher the opacity level.

Let’s increase the fruit liquid level first and then combine the results.

  1. How to manifest fruit-flavored ops

In order for the fruit-flavored ovate to be expressed, it is necessary to mix the fruity ovens to make fruit juice.

For me, soft flesh LV.4 + soft flesh LV.4 = fruit flavor LV.1 ~ 2 came out.

=> The combination of soft pulp must be combined randomly to get a fruit flavor.

Here, the level of the soft flesh must be high.

Let’s increase the fruit liquid level first and then combine the results.

The photo below is the fruit of the fruit I made for a few days.

The level of opaque is low because it is made of one or two levels of woody or fruity ops

It is expected that the higher the level of these options, the higher the output level of the output.

I am trying to put these finished products on the line,

Rose is putting a few on the island of Boltimore. He

I have raised the price at a low price, but it is getting quite cheerful.

As you know, lots of spring fruits are randomly available.

I just want you to understand that it was so hard to say that it was hard to tell, so I wrote this by my experience.

I’ve been making it, and I’ve come to write things that I feel a little bit worried about.

I did not write with bad intentions, but I wrote a long piece to share good information with many people.


If you do not want this or have another tip

I would like you to take a warm look and give me a comment.

The fix will continue to be done. ^^

Thank you for reading the long story.