Default status in durango is actually more than enough, but it turns out we can increase it loh with some buff that is usually found in food.

buff itself is an additional effect that comes from outside the characters such as weapons, clothes and food.

Well this time we will discuss the buff status of the food (buff that will increase the skill and strength of player) like buff STR (strength), AGI (agility), DEX (dexterity), CHA (charisma), PER (perception), WILL.

Type of food buff, how to get and its effect

1. STR (strength)

buff str you can get from various types ofdino meat that you hunt.

This buff is very useful for you currently fighting, whether fighting with dino or fighting with other players on savage island.

BUFF Effect:

- attack increase

the first stretch buff effect is the attack increase, by eating food that has a buff str you can increase the damage generated by your character.

this will be very useful during the war.

- DEFENSE (defense)

In addition to additional damage, the buff str also creates a DEFENSE effect, so that when you are attacked by the enemy the damage will be retained by additional defense coming from this str buff.

- weapon craft

Not only when fighting, while being relaxed buff str can increase your weapon-making skills.

so the good likelihood of being generated is greater. This buff is suitable for the WPC.

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2. AGI (agility)

Buff agility you can get from vegetablesthat usually planted in the fields. the buff effect itself is very useful for bow and bow users.

Buffer effect:

- accuracy (accuracy)

first the agility buff will provide additional accuracy effects that will be very useful for arc users.

This accuracy effect will reduce the missed effect when you attack (usually marked with the color of gray on the damage).

- evasion (buff evasions)

the next agility effect will also increase the evasion which will be useful for the bow users.

evasion will increase your chances of auto-avoidance during an attack.

3. Dexterity (agility)

Buff agility can you get from onions and wheat, this buff is one of the most special buffs.

because the effects are classified as many and very useful when crafting, gethering or during the war.

Buff Effect:

- critical.

this buff will increase the chances of a critical release on a larger attack, so that the damage is also greater.

- Weapon crafting.

This buff will also increase the weapon crafting skill that will make the result of your weapon better.

- Tailor and sewing ability

This buff will also increase the skill of the tailors either when making cloth or when making clothes.

- plant, logging, mining and mud gathering ability.

a lot of effects are given by the DEX buff, including the effect of gathering. the effect itself is to speed up the process of taking crops, felling trees, mining, and collecting mud / dirt. so this buff is perfect for you when you want to find materials materials domain alias gathering.

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4. Charisma (charisma)

buff cha itself can you get from fruits.This buff is suitable for you who will do activities in the camp and domain.because all effects are given in relation to processing, farming and item making.

Buff Effect:

- Tailor and sewing ability

not just the DEX buff, it turns out this cha buff will also provide improved skill for the tailors. either when making cloth or when making clothes.

- Cooking ability

This buff is also suitable for chefs.because the effects are given with regard to mature cooking, alias improving cooking skills for the clan chefs.

- farming Ability.

in addition to cooking and sewing, it turns out this buff will also increase the effect of farming and at the same time become the only buff that gives effect to farming.

5. Perception

Next is the buff perception, this buff you can get from the ingredients nuts. This buff is perfect for the butchers who usually take the meat, skin, bones, etc. of the animals.


- leather, meat and bone gethering ability.

first this buff will trim the gethering time of slaughter. so this skill is very useful for the butcher.

- perfect succes abilty

This unique buff will increase the perfect chance at the time of gethering so that the endurance and item level is not reduced at the time of gethering.

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buff will be a special buff for you who want to do the processing of natural materials. because this buff is the only food buff that will give effect to the improvement at the time of material processing.


- Max energy +

by using the buff will then you will experience a significant increase in max energy. this effect is perfect for you who plan to do something solid enough like gathering and farming.

- leather, meat and bone gathering ability

then this buff will also increase your slaughtering skills like when taking skin, flesh and bone.

- wood stone leather metal bone proces

well this is special, because as I said above, this buff is the only food buff that produces additional effects during processing of materials, so it can cut time and energy while processing materials.

coupled with a considerable increase in energy then this buff is perfect for you who need additional energy.

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That’s some buff that comes from the food and its effects, hopefully can help you to choose a suitable food when cooking in Durango wild lands.

You can read other tips and trick durango here and if anyone wants to be asked can directly in the comment field, I will immediately answer it.