this time I will explain how to make black clothes using black coloring or dye in durango wilderness games, wild lands durango itself is an Android game themed in the age of dinosaurs which is currently in durango game during the time of the closed beta test (CBT ) which will expire on October 19, 2017, after the closed beta test (CBT) is complete, the account that has been created will be reset / deleted.the opening of the official durango server will be reopened at the end of 2017 where only the South Korean region / region can first play the durango game during its official release and will be followed by other regions / regions gradually, during this CBT durango wild lands game can we download it on playstore, now we just go to the main topic, which is how to make black clothes.
black clothes
the ingredients needed are:

  1. clothes that want to be colored
  2. dye / black dye
  3. bleach / bleach
To make black clothes, you must first open and learn the dye and bleach skills in the cooking / cooking skill section, to make bleach items quite easy because it requires less material, that is dinosaur eggs, although finding dinosaur eggs is quite difficult because rare.
next is how to make dye / black dye, to make dye black color requires cattail material ,cattail can be found on swamp islands or swamp, look for cattail which has black color and black is better to get black dye, after getting cattail, The cattail obtained should not be immediately made into a dye / dye but must be dried and burned first, dried can be done by trimming the workbench and burned can be done by skewer on a campfire or otherwise, after finishing, make a dye / dye with cattail that was processed earlier.
steps for getting black clothes;
  1. bleach clothes
  2. Mix the nails with dye / black dye
  1. bleach first the clothes that want to be colored / changed to black, using bleach items that have been made. Bleach aims to get the basic color of the clothes to white so that they get the maximum black color.(note; you should bleach clothes several times so that you get a really white base color)
  2. after bleached, we color the nail to be mixed with dye or black dye that has been made beforehand.
after doing the above process correctly, black clothes will be produced as we want.
a few tips for getting the maximum black:
  1. bleach clothes several times to get the white base color, at least twice the mixing process with bleach.
  2. use a burnt cattail during the combustion process (skewer) for dye making
  3. use cattail which has RGB color information with values ​​below 30
  4. the bleach process does not reduce the processing limit
  5. the dye mixing process with clothing reduces the process limit on the packing.
  6. use clothes that can be processed more than 1 time (pictures of 2x or more hammers that can be seen in the description.
  7. if you can’t make bleach / dye then get help from other people or members of your clan who can make it for you.
so many tutorials and tips on getting black clothes, and finally thanks for the criticism and suggestions.