Smartphone Not Charging

Some Smartphone Problems Not Charging And How To Overcome It

Digital Mobile Phones - As we know that life in this millennial era, humans cannot leave the name smartphone. Smartphones can even beat everything even to forget the people around him.

With those habits that make us feel confused if the smartphone that we have has a damage, and it seems the days will feel annoying if that happens.

Many of us are only smartphone users but don’t know anything at all if the smartphone we use has a problem.

Some Smartphone Problems Not Charging And How To Overcome It | WMI -


For this reason, we will discuss the damage here which can be said that almost all smartphone users have experienced it.

The damage is like the smartphone cannot be turned on even though it has been charged, there is no charging indicator at all, the charging port feels loose and the charging often breaks up.

Many factors that cause the smartphone connector can not be charged.

As a damaged charger can occur on the cable or adapter, the battery that can not be used or has dropped, and what can be most severe is a damaged charger IC, because if that happens. Kemuangkinan you will not be able to handle it yourself and must bring it to the smartphone service center.

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What caused the damage to occur

The damage can occur because, often replace the charger that is not original, the smartphone often falls, the smartphone has been hit by water spills, how to remove the charger roughly, and also the charging is not as it should (charging while still doing activities with the smartphone like playing games etc )

To find out what if the damage occurred and we convey how to handle each damage that occurred.

a. Damage to the Charger or Charger Cable

The first thing to do if the damage occurs is check the charger, try replacing it first with another charger, whether it can live or not, if it can be turned on it is clear that the damage is on the charger component (there could be damage between the charger head or charger cable there who broke up).

Some Smartphone Problems Not Charging And How To Overcome It | WMI -


Another thing that can be done if we want to check the charger can also be by plugging our charger into another smartphone, whether it can charge the smartphone or not if not, also makes the charger indication is damaged.

Replace the damaged component immediately.

b. Loose or swaying connector

look at the charger connector on the smartphone, check whether there is an overheat on the connector, this can be indicated by the way the HP charge must be pressed, or the USB cable moved so it can charge, so that the electrical current becomes disconnected.

This makes the cable gradually loose and the electricity does not enter.

It can even occur when we charge an HP one night, but when seen on the morning the battery is still empty. loose ports can occur due to many things, it can be because we often use a charger not for the smartphone / as long as you use a charger, too often remove the charger, and the smartphone often falls.

Therefore for the beginning we will try a solution, namely by changing a part of the charger cable that is directly related to the smartphone port.

This method is not so difficult and only has a sewing needle, or a small nail, a screwdriver with a very small tip.

Some Smartphone Problems Not Charging And How To Overcome It | WMI -



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  • Use the needle, wire or pointed object I mentioned earlier
  • place the needle on the front of the hook at the end of the micro usb that is directly in contact with the smartphone
  • for that part to a few degrees
  • if it’s still not up, bring it up again until it’s pretty crooked
  • and do that also on the link next to it

Hopefully if this is done the charger cable will be normal again. Indeed this is not 100% effective, but at least it can extend the life of the USB cable.

c. Rust Connector

Broken port, check your Android charger port, is there any dirt or rust. Because if the rust is severe it will interfere with the incoming electric current.

This can happen also if the port part is included in the water, maybe when we don’t realize we are drinking ice or if the water accidentally drops into the smartphone charger port.

Clean the connector periodically, so that your connector is protected from dust or dirt, how to clean it too easily, just use cleaning fluid.

d. Broken or severely damaged connector

For damage you can also because we often remove the charger roughly, for the damage of this one we can’t help but have to replace the connector port.

The following is how to replace a broken smartphone charger connector:


  • A functioning / new connector
  • Screwdriver
  • Steam Heater / Soldering Iron
  • And other tools to open your cellphone case and install the bolt.

The steps to replace a damaged HP charger connector:

Some Smartphone Problems Not Charging And How To Overcome It | WMI -


  • Remove the casing of your Android and open the case and separate the PCB board.
  • Look for the keypad and camera module section. when you meet, release both.
  • Observe again whether there is still sensitive hardware still installed, if it is gone you can remove the charger connector.
  • Prepare a steam solder with a temperature of 280 degrees.
  • Prepare tweezers or tools to gouge the other to lift the connector until it is released
  • Look for a cloth or eraser and clean the PCB board
  • Re-install the charger connector that we removed with the new connector
  • Take the steam solder back and do the heater again like we did before
  • Make sure all the installation that we do is neat and is right in place so that it doesn’t happen to errors or damage to our smartphone.

How easy is it not to install and remove it? If you have succeeded, you have followed the steps correctly. And if it hasn’t succeeded, there may be a step that is missed

By using this method, of course, you can fix your smartphone in a fairly short time, because if it is brought to a repairman or service center, it is not necessarily 1 day and the price is definitely expensive because the more expensive smartphones you have.

e. Battery Damage

Smartphones that cannot be charged can also be caused by battery problems that cannot hold power or drop.

The battery indicator is indeed a very useful feature for us to ascertain how much power is left. However, this indicator can also be wrong. If this indicator is an error, the case that often happens is that the battery never reaches 100% when charging. Or, the battery becomes easy to drop even though it hasn’t been charged for long.

To overcome this we can calibrate the battery.

How to calibrate the battery as follows:

  • Do not charge the smartphone and let the battery run out until he dies himself.
  • Turn it on and let your smartphone turn itself off again.
  • Charge the smartphone off until the indicator shows a level of 100%.
  • Unplug the charger.
  • Turn on the smartphone and see if the indicator still shows 100%. If not, charge the handphone again to ON until it reaches 100%.
  • Unplug the charger and restart your smartphone. Repeat point number 5 repeatedly until the indicator reaches 100%.

If this can’t be overcome, one way to overcome it is to change the battery according to the smartphone you have.

f. Damage to the smartphone software

Sometimes it happens to the software installed on our smartphone, and it can cause errors in the battery reading and also not detect the charging system.

Therefore we can overcome this with updated software

For smartphones, definitely get the software update feature. The latest software update on Android can optimize the running of the OS on your Android. In the latest software, usually your cellphone maker embeds the latest technology such as Power Saving for the durability of your cellphone battery.

We can also do a Downgrade to overcome it,

Sometimes, software upgrades can also cause charging problems like wasteful batteries or slow charging. If you experience problems like this after upgrading, you should downgrade your software system again. In addition, upgrading can also fix various bugs that cause charging problems. Usually this effect will be felt when upgrading the Android system itself. While upgrading the application will not show a significant difference.