Do we have to write articles every day on the blog? Maybe this question has crossed many bloggers.

I, as someone new to the blogging world, often look for answers to these questions.

Update articles with new content is indeed mandatory by blog admins to ensure their blogs do not lose their loyal readers by presenting quality writing.

From the other side, too often posting articles also has a bad impact because we have to prepare interesting material and quality writing for readers .

What happens if we rarely write articles on blogs?

The answer to this question depends on everyone how they work to take care of their own site.

But some problems that will arise if you rarely update the article on the blog are serious enough, at him:
  1. Blog followers will not find any value if you follow you because you rarely write articles for them. You know for yourself that their main goal in following your blog is to get quality articles from you easily. But if you rarely update articles on blogs, then they will not find more value and eventually leave you.
  2. They don't know the reason why you never write again, whether you are on vacation, or they can even think you have stopped taking care of the blog. Worse yet if you start posting, those of your followers will forget who you are because the blogs they follow have been vacuuming for months. And you will be more difficult to attract their interest to return to you who prefer not to follow your blog.
  3. From the search engine side this also has a negative impact because it can damage the authority of your site in the eyes of search engines like Google. Blogs that are silent and do not have fresed content will be considered dead by Google and the resulting decline in keyword rankings of articles that were once superior on Google's first page

Do we have to update the article as often as possible?

If you have an opinion that the more often we write articles, the better the ranking of the blog.

I think this is the wrong opinion because the new RankBrain algorithm that I read from Backlinko explains that social signals are very influential in determining the ranking of a blog.

The social signal I mean is a low bounce rate and has a lot of share to social media.

But your opinion will be considered correct if you have a news website that must be updated every day following the situation.

And as you know yourself, the average news site in Indonesia has many writers who can produce a lot of quality content every day.

It is a big mistake if you are alone to follow their style of publishing content.

Publishing content too often will also make the quality of your content worse, because writing an article requires some reference and research if you want to give something memorable and useful to the reader.

Once your followers read bad content from your blog, one of them will definitely stop following you forever.

Therefore the quality of the content is more important than quantity.

How often do we have to write on the blog?

The frequency with which content is published on a blog depends entirely on what niche you choose.

For example if you have an updated news site then it makes sense to publish content once a day.

But if you have a blog that has a different niche than what I mentioned above, then the most ideal frequency for publishing content is 1-2 times a week.

This depends on what material you write, the more complex the discussion you write, the longer you need time to publish the article content on the blog.

The article that you present must really have an appeal to increase the reader's interest to explore further the contents in the blog.

The more words you write, the more keywords you can spread throughout the entire article.

This is an on page SEO technique that I usually apply so that the article is able to compete with articles targeting the same keywords.

Not only that, though, there are more than 200 factors that Google uses to rank an article.

This includes seo on page and seo off page.

But if you don't want to bother with this, there are tons of SEO services that can do it.

If you intend, you can read some of the tips I wrote in the article so that the services you rent really have a good impact on your blog.

That's all my sharing about the ideal frequency for updating articles on blogs that hopefully can add to your horizons in the world of blogging.

Happy reading and happy blogging.

Ideal Frequency For Blog Articles Update