This guide is brought to you by a self-proclaimed Seven Knights 1 and 2 veteran player 🤣. Seven Knights is a game with many fascinating heroes that I grew fond of. My favorites are the crusader heroes Shane, Sieg, Nia, and Rury.


^ If you click that, you will see Sieg from SK2. My first awakening hero in SK1 😄

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I highly recommend viewing this guide on PC because it is vast. The guide looks much messier when viewed through the app on the phone, but looks fine on web even on mobile.

I have spent 0 money on this game, and still feel no absolute need at all 10 months in.


Currently I am busy so I might take a while to reply to your questions. Please understand.

Before you guys ask a question, please read the WHOLE guide first. I know it is lengthy, but it is important for you to know them all to grow fast. Please refer back to this guide as it is updated frequently with questions that people ask. I see many duplicate questions that I have already answered and updated on the original post. I don't want to put anyone on read, and I want to continue helping you guys. Please control + F to find what you need in the post before asking. Thank you!

This guide contains core information to help you guys get maximum efficiency while playing. Please give me your valuable feedbacks, as it is very rudimentary and tentative.

I will be editing as I go, to make this guide look better and add content that I've been questioned about.

Feel free to ask questions away in the comments and I will take the time to answer your questions individually, and I will add them in this guide as well.

This game is great and very friendly for f2p.

Storyline is beautiful, and the gameplay encourages the user to control their team as you progress in the difficulty. It's a pity that so many people quit after 5 minutes of tutorial, just because there is an auto mode 😞

(plus, you gotta have auto for convenience in a MOBILE game! So many more people would quit if EVERYTHING was manual and repetitive.. I would not want to drown in extensive controlling after a long day of work...) Eventually, the game gets challenging enough that it's as if the auto isn't there.

Gacha is actually very f2p friendly, especially with the pity system. I played kr server without the pity system for half a year, because the gameplay made up for it.

Anyway, enough ranting. We will get started.

How to invest rubies

  • Rubies can be gained from completing scenarios, weekly seasonal pvp awards, and field of exploration. Other than seven knights 1, I haven't had a game that gives out this much free in-game currency!

  • Priority: Rate up hero summons (NOT special summons) until level 50 ~ 60, then from there invest all in masteries. Unlock masteries for free until level 50 ~ 60, then invest all rubies until you unlock all. Masteries are important and leveling becomes much slower as you level.

  • Rate up heroes change every 2 weeks, if I remember correctly. The rate up banners have a deadline date indicating the time left for the rate up on that specific hero. This gauge RESETS when the deadline comes, so make sure you get it before the rate up hero changes. Special summons and select hero summons do not have deadlines and do not reset even if the hero is changed.

Do not, do not do not do not use rubies on pets and gear summons.

  • Use rubies on hero summons (rate up heroes if possible, and not special summon because special summons (Currently Cosette) have a much lower chance of acquisition compared to rate up banners).

Pet summons are not worth it. Trust me, I speak from experience playing this game for 9 months. VERY high risk for high gain, but the rates are low so it might as well be VERY high risk and no return.

Gear summons are just useless and waste of rubies.

  • Summary: Focus on getting heroes first, then invest in masteries with rubies at a later time, some time in level 50~60.

So what are moonstones, and how should I obtain and use my topaz?

  • As for select hero summons, they require moonstones which can be obtained from 4 man single/party raids starting from level 10 for single and level 6 for party.

  • Select hero tickets can be used instead of moonstones, which can be purchased at the topaz store.

Main source of topaz comes from PvP, largely from daily competition modes and guild wars. ONLY INVEST TOPAZ ON 10x SELECT HERO TICKETS IN THE TOPAZ STORE, NOTHING ELSE. You've been told.

What to buy from Alice Store/Mole Emporium?

Guild store

  • Attack/Defense/Health buffs, hero, pet, equipment summon cards. Buy these daily.

  • If you are scarce on guild points buy just the attack buff and the hero, pet, and equip summon cards. Attack power buff, and the 3 summon tickets are a daily must.

  • Use your best judgment to see if auto salvage buff is worth it for how long you use your field of exploration each day.

  • Don't concern yourself with guild pets either. They are not affordable yet.

Mole Emporium

  • All Maps

  • Exp potions

  • Legendary Gear (if you can afford it, but I highly recommend you to get them early game)

  • Don't buy soulstones with rubies from both Alice store and Mole Emporium. Gold is fine.

  • Legendary Accessory is not worth the gold price in my opinion.

  • Rare gear (Early game, I recommend snagging them. They are not expensive).

  • Scrolls

  • All Growth Dungeon Tickets (even ruby ones for soulstone quarry tickets)

  • Celestial Tower Tickets

  • 8 Man/4 Man Tickets

Friend points

  • All growth dungeon tickets, prioritizing soulstone, then Elixir, Divinity, gold, and exp. In that order.

PvP store

  • Nothing seems to stand out yet. Save the points for now. No, don't get the skytria equipments because they are not worth the price and utility, and they are not even radiant gears.

Common store

  • Maybe enhancement stones if necessary but I would just pass.

Now, let's get into heroes:

Refer to this post for each hero's equipment and usage:

Heroes worth investing in the beginning

  • Claire (early sub dealer, crit buffer, debuffer),

  • Ian (sub healer, debuffer, buffer, resist to poison),

  • Henry (sub dealer, resist to paralysis),

  • Adel (sub tanker, debuffer, taunt, buffer, resist to freeze),

  • Guilahan (sub tanker, debuffer, resist burn),

  • Scott (sub tanker, resist bleed),

  • Shane (main dealer, boss suppressor),

  • Cosette (main ranged dealer, don't invest too much though since legendary + is far better)

Heroes you will use for a long time listed below:

Common tier (White):

None, but you will need to raise them anyway for the codex buff (explained in detail later). Codex buff takes account all heroes; this means you need to max level heroes you don't use too, so do not be tempted to fuse hero shards until you lv 50 max out the hero.

  • Lene can be used in the beginning for the Giganteus boss raid suppression. Rare+ Lene will take over eventually, though.

Greater tier (Green):

  • Ian, Adel, Guilahan, Henry, Scott. They all have status effect resistance passive. Once you get to normal difficulty, you will realize that burns from mobs hurt a lot, so get your Guilahan ready.

I recommend using Adel as the main tanker before you get Kade, or even legendary Rudy/Evan. Rudy is the better tank over Evan in terms of all roundedness.

  • I also recommend using Ian on boss stages that hurt a lot, as he has a skill that reduces the damage dealt on your team.

Celestial Tower rare hero selection reward:

Don't pick Shane or Rudy, you get them as account combat power rewards. If you already picked them, it's fine. You are going to gacha a lot anyway. I recommend getting Shay or Cosette.

Rare tier (Blue):

Shay, Serena.

  • Most healers are in this tier. You will eventually use most healers though as there will be a 8 man raid released in the future that requires you to use solely healers to defeat the raid boss. Keep that in mind.

  • Shay is always 0 tier since she refills all ally's ult gauge.

Engine Deck recommendation:

  • Shay recovers ult gauge for allies, Lukey (rare +, not white) boosts movement/attack speed of allies, and Serena reduces/resets ally skill cooldown. Thus, Serena, Shay, and Lukey (blue +) go extremely well together and are referred to as the engine deck.

  • This deck is useful for fast wave clear like gold dungeon and field of exploration.

  • I recommend giving LukeyCrit/Skill level up, Shay cooldown, serena attack gear.

  • As such, with Serena, Shay, and Lukey, you have a frontline choice that is up to you.

  • +@ frontline: if you want more damage, go for tanky dps like Rachel. She is great. If you want more tank, then legendary Rudy is also very great in the engine deck.

Rare Shane and Rudy are used for a while for their boss suppression kit but get replaced by the legendary + versions eventually.

Similarly, Rare Ming can be used for 8 man Saleos boss suppression, and Iota for Lizardria, but they will be replaced eventually by their legendary hero counterparts as an alternate boss suppressor hero.

Rare+ tier (Brighter blue frame):

  • Lukey (movement/attack speed ult buff for allies/engine deck member),

  • Lene (raid boss suppression, debuffer, sub-dealer)

  • Kade (early ~ mid-game scenario tanker, taunt, self-heal, defense break ult, and reduction of damage dealt, late game field of exploration boss tanker).

  • Melissa can be used in earlier phase at soul stone dungeon for her heal + Def break skill to break stages faster, since each level the boss's defense spikes up progressively. She is used in the 8 man healer raid I mentioned earlier

Legendary tier (Red):

  • Dellons (main guaranteed crit dps and buffer) - give him 5 set attack gear

  • Rachel (debuffer/buffer/excellent sub dps), also, a free account power reward hero! Hope for all of you f2p players

  • Rudy (main scenario tanker/gold dungeon (goes well with shay Serena lukey aka engine deck)/afk field tanker, pvp defense deck). This rudy cannot suppress raid boss like the rare rudy.

  • Evan (main scenario boss tanker since he has high rate taunt skill, early pvp defense deck),

  • Karin (main healer, no other healer is better),

  • Fodina Eileen (ally attack power buffer, cc, pvp queen).

  • Phoenix Empress Eileen (Good for early game pvp, similar fate to Spike. Not used at all later. CC + Buff removal + Resurrection passive).

  • Spike is used well in the beginning for pvp for his buff removal, cc, and immortality passive, but he eventually isn't used as you progress (so many better, newer heroes). RIP 11/24/2021 Spike.

  • Yeonhee is good for field of exploration farming, gold dungeon, and early pvp (AoE auto and Def break skill, AoE stun ult).

  • Claire is a very good pvp hero. Must get (CC push & shackle passive, stun, shackle, conditional buff removal (activates only when enemy has a buff like Spike immortality passive) all in her kit. RIP Spike.

Legendary+ hero (Brighter red frame):

  • Cosette (main ranged dealer, farthest range, best dmg output). I recommend aiming for her above all other legendary+ heroes as she remains as the highest dmg dealer to date. She will be used and used and used.

  • Rudy (main tank, boss suppressor and ult protecting allies with link skill, pvp tank with cc duration resistance for all allies),

  • Ming (very good pvp, double AoE stun chain combo, ult gauge reduction every 2 autos, and an ult gauage reduction AoE ult),

  • Valdur (Very good for gold dungeon (AoE autos, better wave clear than yeonhee, also pvp, but loses power over time as newer heroes counter him), as such, falls in the priority list in the legendary + heroes.

  • Shane: Good dps main/sub dealer, will always be used for boss suppression, pvp assassin.

  • You will get legendary + shane for free at 2 mil account power which seems far away but you will get there. So she also falls in the priority list, because she is given out free.

So what deck to you recommend for PvE and PvP?

Focus on PvE deck first, then PvP.

DISCLAIMER: These decks are not definitive. I have put example team components because many people have asked them. Please experiment and see what works best for you.

PvE - Novice Deck:

  • Critical Formation

  • Frontline tank, 1 DPS, 1 Ranged, 1 Healer

  • Adel, Common Lene/Cheng Chen, Claire, Melissa

PvE - Intermediate Deck:

  • Critical Formation

  • Frontline tank, 1 DPS, 1 Ranged/DPS, 1 Healer

  • Kade (Rare+), Rare Shane, Rare Cosette , Karin

PvE - Advanced Deck:

  • Critical Formation

  • Frontline tank, 2 DPS, 1 Healer

  • Legendary Rudy, Dellons, Rachel, Karin

PvE - Ultimate Deck:

*Critical Formation *Frontline Tank/Healer, 2 DPS/1 Ranged or 2 DPS, 1 Ranged

  • Legendary+ Rudy, Legendary+ Cosette, Rachel, Karin/Shay

  • Alternatively: Karin, Rachel, Dellons, Legendary+ Cosette.

  • Reason for putting healer in front in late-game is because your healer is tanky enough to act as a tank. This allows you to take out a tank and put one more DPS/ranged to do more damage over time.

PvP - Novice Deck:

  • Swift Formation

  • Frontline, 3 AoE Ranged hero or 2 AoE Ranged hero and 1 DPS Assassin

  • Healers don't do much if you are an offensive deck

  • Claire (stuns opponent frontline hero), Neo, Juju, Shane

PvP - Intermediate Deck:

  • Swift Formation

  • Frontline, 2 AoE, 1 DPS Assassin

  • Very similar to novice deck

PvP - Advanced Deck:

  • Swift Formation

  • Frontline, 2 AoE, 1 DPS Assassin

  • Fodina Eileen, Yeon Hee, Neo, Dellons/Rare Shane

PvP - Ultimate Deck:

  • Swift Formation

  • Any reasonable combination

  • Legendary+ Ming/Legendary+ Valdur, Fodina Eileen, Yeon Hee, Legendary+ Shane

These are all example heroes that can work well in PvP together. That is not to say these decks are perfect and definitive. I have laid out these decks as an example because many people have questioned how to arrange PvP decks. Please play around and see what works best for you. Make sure you adjust masteries based on your deck style. For example, an offensive deck would require all offensive masteries, a defensive deck would require all defensive masteries, and etc.


You will receive extra growth dungeon tickets from field of exploration. Save them and use when you clear level 10 of each growth dungeon. However, soulstone quarry is a little unique. Use them at a moderate amount even before completing level 10 since you need to raise all your heroes at all points in your journey. Try to clear level 10 on soul quarry the fastest so then you can use your tickets with the best efficiency.

Video is in Korean, but it will go over the equipment and mechanics.

Gold Dungeon

  • Engine deck is your friend here. It is best to use a tank with good tank mechanisms and ult that protects your team.

Best team:

  • Swift formation

  • Legendary+ Valdur, Engine Deck (Shay, Serena, Lukey)

Intermediate level:

  • Swift formation

  • Legendary Rudy, Yeon Hee, Shay, Lukey

Novice level:

  • Swift formation

  • Legendary Rudy/Kade(rare+)/Adel, Engine Deck

Soulstone quarry, your main source of growing your heroes:

Video is in Korean. Detailed information about the equipment and mechanics are in here.

  • Now the most important dungeon to clear fast is soulstone quarry because they help you transcend your heroes' max level. The deck I recommend for fastest clear is:

  • A tank (preferably Rachel, if not Kade) for they both have defense break and debuffs.

  • Shay , Miss velvet (MV has Ranged def break/if tank has def break, use serena or rare + lukey instead for the engine deck), and any PvE ranged dealer like Cosette.

  • Defense break is your friend in clearing these dungeons. Play around with heroes and see which are best for clearing these dungeons. Make sure that you always clear the highest level (rare soulstones are much less prioritized) , because legendary soulstones are scarce all throughout the game.

  • There are also legendary soulstones you can buy in the Alice soulstone store. Don't buy them with rubies unless you are a heavy, heavy whale. And even whales shouldn't buy them lol. Very inefficient.

  • As you progress into higher levels of soulstone dungeon, you will need to put your tank on one side of the dungeon and the rest of your team on the other side. The golem directs an AoE attack facing the direction of the frontline.

  • You have to raise all heroes eventually since they contribute to hero codex buff. You just need to prioritize which heroes to raise first based on their utility.

Elixir Dungeon/Divinity Dungeon


Divinity: (Video starts around 1 min)

Video is in Korean. It includes team, equipment setting, and general mechanics.

  • See the PvE team guide above. Use the deck that is according to your combat power.

Experience Dungeon

Video is also in Korean.

  • Use close ranged heroes because the bird boss will use an AoE attack if a hero is within a certain range away from the boss. You can follow the PvE deck here as well. You will see this in the beginning of the video, he shows what happens when heroes are too far away from the bird.

Scenario Strategy

  • Currently in the works. This section will show which heroes are best for each chapter boss.

  • Generally, bosses face the frontline hero. Use this to your advantage, take your frontline to the opposite side and make the boss face away from the rest of your team. If you go too far from the boss, then the boss will start attacking your team instead. When the boss uses an AoE, use the gather button to safely relocate your team.

  • Repeat this technique; if the boss starts attacking a different hero, then you will have to control that character instead and act as a frontline.

  • In the meantime, I recommend using Karin (reduces attack power of opponent) + Ian (reduces damage of opponent) for difficult bosses that hurt a lot. For example, Pasma is a boss in chapter 8 that many users get stuck on, so I recommend using Ian + a healer to greatly reduce the damage the boss deals to your team.


Before we discuss about equipment, let me introduce you to presets.

Presets: Presets are available for PvP and PvE excluding field of exploration and scenarios.

  • This system allows you to save your deck information concering heroes, pet, equipment, and formation.

  • You can easily edit these as your deck changes over time. All you have to do is simply go in the content you wish to access your preset controls in.

  • You will see New Team and Saved Team. Click on saved team, and you will be able to create many presets for each content.

  • There are also mini presets that allow you to save equipment sets when you go inside the inventory tab. The button is present next to your hero information.

  • Use this feature well, it will make your life much easier than swapping equipment between heroes.

  • Start by replacing equipment from common to greater, then greater to rare. You will slowly replace all low-tier equipment to rare, while you work on your legendary gears.

  • As you work your way to legendary gears, I recommend only enhancing rare equipment (not common or greater), and when you do, enhance only to +10 max. Any enhancement levels above +10 is not worth it because you are going to not use them in the future.

  • Do not transcend common and greater gears. You should transcend gears indefinitely on rare gears and up.

  • Equip the gears you no longer use to heroes that do not have gears. Equipping gear on all of your heroes will raise your account's combat power. This will help you receive account combat power rewards faster.

  • Craft legendary weapons first (raid gives you the materials), then armors. You can craft gear through materials earned from raids.

Don't craft accessories because they can come as drops from field of exploration beginning from hard mode, and also by chance from raids.

  • Radiant gear is obtained by chance in summoning shops (do not summon gears, it is not worth it), or by chance through crafting. Radiant gear is hard to come by, focus on just getting regular legendary gears finished first.

  • *General rule of thumb (legendary gears):

DPS/Ranged = Crit 5 set

Support = Cooldown 5 set,

Tank = Defense 5 set or Block 3 set/Defense 2 set

Status effect Resistance heroes = Mercenary set (All skill level up) = Heroes such as Scott, Guilahan, usually for universal/defense frontline heroes

  • As for legendary equipment to complete first, create 5 set of crit for your dps, prioritize making the weapon +20 and 5 transcend, and don't get too hung up on making the armor +20. You won't have enough enhancement stones anyway. Radiant sets are better, but you will focus on aiming for these in the far, far future.

  • Save up yellow enhancement stones for at least enhancement levels +13 and above because these are rare to come by. Before that, use rare/legendary (red) stones to upgrade according to your best judgment.

  • Equipment set to make in order: Crit > All skill level up > Cooldown > Attack > Block = Defense > Health. Health is USELESS! Defense is much better, supports use cooldown sets only.

What to do with raid equipment selection box?:

As for raid material selection box, always go for the mercenary token. You can't get these materials in any of the raids so they are the hardest equipment set (mercenary set) to make.


  • Fastest method to raise account combat power, to help you receive account combat power rewards fast : Equip every hero's gears in sets (yes, even the ones you don't use), such has crit 3, attack 2, or cooldown 5, etc. on all heroes. Set effects give higher boost in account combat power.

Formation: what to level first?

Focus on level 10 critical for pve contents

Then level 10 on swift for field of exploration and PvP.

Methods to raise codex buff:

1)Proficiency levels

These determine your account's power the most.

These contribute to the codex stat buffs at the greatest degree, in addition to the soulstones you get for each proficiency level.

Each hero has proficiency levels which can be raised in all contents in the game except scenarios.

Each content gives proficiency exp, with the majority of exp farming done in field of exploration and 8 man party raids (since 8 > 4 man raids, more can get exp from 8 man).

DPS and ranged give attack power stats to your codex buff

Defense gives defense stats to your codex buff

Universal and support give health stats to your codex buff

Highest tier heroes give more stats to codex buff.

  • Prioritize farming proficiencies in this order: DPS/ranged > Defense > Universal/Support.

How to gain proficiency exp: IMPORTANT! Please read.

  • Clear recharge tickets are greatest and fastest ways to farm for proficiency exp in a short amount of time. They can be obtained through in-app purchases or events/pushes. These tickets are yellow and have a timer drawing on it.

  • You can use these tickets in growth dungeons and all single mode raids, but I recommend using these in 8 man raids since you are able to farm for more proficiency exp with the most amount of heroes (eight) as opposed to 4 heroes for 4 man raids and growth dungeons.

  • You are also given free 10 clear recharge daily as a default. You can see a yellow T 10/10 every time you enter a raid/growth dungeon. Remember, these are distinctive and unique to clear recharge tickets (yellow timer) I mentioned above. On top of these, you can use 50 rubies to purchase up to 5 clear recharges, which equals to 250 rubies per day should you wish to raise more proficiency exp this way.

  • You can use 8 man single raids ( clear recharge tickets, they look like yellow timer tickets) as a great source in raising proficiency levels. I highly recommend using clear recharge tickets once you clear the 10th tier (level) (obviously, more proficiency exp for higher tiers cleared) of the 8-man single raid.

  • Each and every content (excluding scenarios) gives you proficiency exp on the heroes you use. Proficiency levels are crucial to account power, and can alternatively be gained slowly and consistently in the field of exploration.


  • Potentials and hero levels are the next in line of importance for hero codex stat buffs.

  • As for potentials, prioritize getting all heroes potentials to 6 attack power, 6 health, and 6 defense, starting with dps/ranged heroes from higher grade down.

  • This is because potentials affect codex buff every 9 points invested in potentials of each hero. (6x3 = 18). Investing this way is the most cost efficient method than doing something like 12/6/0.

3)Hero levels/hero skill level

  • You can raise them in field of exploration or through exp potions. Hero level max cap can be transcended/raised through soulstones in soulstone dungeons.

Field of Exploration

  • For each field of exploration stages you should see the obtainable core items displayed before you enter.

What to farm first?

  • I recommend farming in fields with main rewards: crit gears (rare grade is fine too) in the beginning, and as you advance on to normal mode, move on to farming for accessories (don't worry, you still get gear in the fields while you farm for accessories). Accessories are important in PvP and PvE.

  • Farm for 4 pieces of forgotten enraged vow (accessory that grants immortality to the equipped hero) and once you have that move on to 8 pieces forgotten immortality vow (accessory that resurrects the equipped hero). These are core accessories for PvP.

  • In the field of exploration, I recommend putting 1 healer, 1 tank, and 2 damage dealers (either dps or ranged) starting from the highest grade heroes. Higher grade heroes give you more health/defense/attack power to your hero codex stat buff than lower grade heroes as you raise their proficiency level. I recommend watching this official sk2 video as they explain more about this:

Miscellaneous: Hero and Pet shard fusion:

As for pet shards, always try to fuse to get higher grade shards. Pet shards are excess shards that are distinctive to your actual pet, meaning that you should be using them to obtain higher grade pet shards.

As for heroes, I don't recommend fusing to get higher grade shards because 1) Hero levels also affect your codex buff 2) the max cap will eventually extend to 56 for you guys, and 60 eventually (KR is getting this lv 60 patch for their 1st anniversary). It is fine to fuse common and greater hero shards once you 50 level cap them though, since they are easy to come by with gacha.

That's about all I have for now, I'll update if I have more. I'll be happy to help if you have any questions below. Thanks for reading this imperfect guide! I would greatly appreciate it if you can share with others.

Go, and be the best Seven Knights~