30 Catties of Logs

September 28, 2022 8:26 PM
Just a small chunk of this divine tree's wood can weigh over 30 pounds.
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30 Catties of Logs
What is the use of the 30 Catties of Logs
  • A magical wood that can be used in Creation.
How to get 30 Catties of Logs
  • Go to the Auction House to obtain
  • Chop down Laurel Wood, Traveler's Blessing Wood, Longevity Wood, and Boundless Wood
  • Orient the Resource Finder to find


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  1. Lv.1 (Grey Grade)
  2. Lv.2/Common (Green Grade)
  3. Lv.3/Uncommon (Blue Grade)
  4. Lv.4/Epic (Purple Grade)
  5. Lv.5/Legendary (Orange Grade)
  6. Lv.6/Mythic (Red Grade)
  7. All food buffs last for 15 minutes


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