Smobirdgon stats information

Default Quality
Default Quality for Smobirdgon

Grade B ATK 63 HP 67 DEF 53

Delicacies/Tasty for Smobirdgon
    Bloodline Buff
    Bloodline Buff for Smobirdgon

    Delicacies and tasty recipes for Smobirdgon

    Galleries Smobirdgon


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    1. Lv.1 (Grey Grade)
    2. Lv.2/Common (Green Grade)
    3. Lv.3/Uncommon (Blue Grade)
    4. Lv.4/Epic (Purple Grade)
    5. Lv.5/Legendary (Orange Grade)
    6. Lv.6/Mythic (Red Grade)
    7. All food buffs last for 15 minutes


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