【Chimeraland: Northmount】New map is available!

The beauty of Northmount is revealed!⭐
Floating Island, Aurora, Deepsea, Hafslange’s Palace…and many more exciting new locations! Come and discover all the beauty the Northmount has to offer!🎉

New versions of Strategies: Northmount Specialties Area Mutation and Sacred Tree/Celestial Stalk Cultivation are waiting to be discovered.

In Northmount, mutations cause the growth of mystical trees and grass, known to most as “Sacred Trees” and "Celestial Stalk."There are many kinds of Sacred Trees on Northmount with many different appearances.

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Cultivation of Sacred Trees You can nurture Sacred Trees of Kitayama. (Sacred Tree Cultivation)

By cultivating the sacred tree using a special spirit source, you can activate the trial of the sacred tree. Similar to Battle Totems and Hunting Totems, these Trials require targets to be defeated to receive proper rewards.

Types of Trials

Trials of the Sacred Tree Water Gazing (Rare), Ultimate Clarity (Rare), Sylvan Water (Epic), River Pebbles (Epic), and Ascendance (Legendary) are different types of Spirit Springs. Compatible with In addition, there is another special kind of Sacred Tree Trial: the Black Mulberry Trial. Grow Sacred Tree: Black Mulberry using the Spirit Spring of Bitter Cold to begin the Black Mulberry Trial. Trials of the Sacred Tree are difficult, so you must be in team mode to activate. There are no participant levels or performance limits. The higher the test level, the higher the reward. (I decided to have someone carry me.)

How to get Spirit Springs

  • Participating in Sacred Tree Trials:

Consuming Spirit Springs to participate in popular Sacred Tree Trials will give you a chance to obtain Spirit Springs. Minami Trial has a chance to obtain Spirit Fountain: Ultimate Clarity. Spirit Springs: Sylvan Water, Spirit Springs: River Pebbles, Spirit Springs: Chance to earn Ascendance from the Ultimate Clarity Trial. Chance to get Spirit Springs: River Pebbles and Spirit Springs: Ascent from Sylvan Water Trials. Chance to get Spirit Spring: Ascendance from River Pebbles Trials. You have a chance to obtain the spirit spring of suffering in promotion trials.

  • Available for Purchase:

Spirit Springs can be purchased from Provisional Capital Logistics Officers, Home Shops, Trader Precise, Trader Floody, and North Wind Epoch Shops. You can purchase 21 Spirit Springss per week: Water Gazing, 4 Spirit Springss per week: Ultimate Clarity, and 1 Spirit Springss per week: Sylvan Water. Purchasing a Spirit Spring pack will give you a chance to get higher quality Spirit Springs.

There is no power or level limit to participate in the Trial of the Sacred Tree, but high-level enemies will appear during the Trial of the Sacred Tree. It is recommended that you have a combat power of If one of your team members has a very high combat rating, you don’t have to strictly follow this requirement.

Reward Drops

  • Base reward

All trial participants can open a reward chest upon successfully completing a challenge. Treasure chests contain rewards such as Cold Mountain Stones, Sacred Artifact Stones, and Elemental Essences.

  • Additional Rewards

Those who activate Trials of the Sacred Tree and team members who consume Spirit Springs will receive rewards such as Sweet Amber Dew, Spirit Springs, Sacred Weapon Souls, and Weapon Blueprints. increase. process. (The amount of rewards depends on the level of trials activated. At best, travelers can get blueprints for Ortzi weapons!)


Common Sacred Trees can be found throughout Northmount . Special Sacred Tree:
Black Mulberry can only be seen in blizzard weather! Travelers can quickly find common Sacred Trees using Search > Resources > Encounter > Sacred Trees.

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  1. Notes
  • Every Sacred Tree has a limit to the number of times it can be cultivated. Upon reaching this limit, the Sacred Tree will disappear.

  • Sacred Trees can be chopped or cultivated. Use a Thunderclap Axe (can be purchased from the Home Shop) to chop them. Hacking rewards you with Hack XP (8 each), Logs, Catty Logs x30, and more. (PS:
    Sacred Tree:
    Black Mulberry cannot be felled)

  • Sacred Trees can be cultivated even after they have been felled, as long as they have not yet been felled.

  • Trial of the Sacred Tree is a step-by-step trial. The challenges of each stage are resolved individually. Rewards are obtained by completing all challenges. All participants in the experiment open the treasure chest. Team members who activate Trials and consume Spirit Wells will receive additional rewards. (So ​​don’t forget to go to the Cold Mountain Stone Shop and buy a Spirit Spring!)

Celestial Stalk Catalysis

In addition to the Sacred Trees, Northmount also has many special celestial stalks, thanks to its geographic location and special climate:
Purpleshroom, Beneflower, Cinnabar.

Celestial Stalks can be foraged directly to give water and fiber (3 gathering EXP each, no special tools required). They may also be catalyzed and then collected. The reward for doing this depends on the item used to catalyze Skystalk.

place Catalyst Items

Celestial straws only grow under extreme conditions, so they can only be catalyzed by special items. Purpleshroom and Beneflower can be catalyzed by Nature Essence and Wood Genio. Cinnabar can be catalyzed with a ground poached egg.

Catalyst Limits

Crimson Mushrooms and Beneflowers can be catalyzed up to 10 times per day. Vermilion can be catalyzed up to 5 times a day. Catalysis time is calculated separately for each Skystalk type. The rewards obtained from Catalysis depend on the level of the item used for Catalysis.

Catalize Rewards


Catalize to gain personal her EXP. You will also have the chance to win items such as the Purple Shroom Summoning Charm and the exclusive Purple Shroom Stamp.


Use Catalyze to obtain Primordial Chi Crystals (Divine Weapon EXP). You will also have a chance to win items such as the Beneflower Summon Amulet and Beneflower Petals, a specialty of Beneflower.


Touch to obtain Fine Eggs, Illustrious Eggs, Limited Blood Eggs, Dark Jade Shards, Cold Mountain Currency, Cinnabar’s specialty Centuria Fruit, and other products. have a chance to.

New Map Northmount on Chimeraland | WMI - /chimeraland/northmount-released/primeval-crystal.png

(III) Blizzards

Due to the influence of Hafslange’s Divine Power, Northmount is sometimes beset by special snowstorm weather. These snowstorms cause different levels of mutation to nearby plants and strange beasts.

Through their investigations, the Chimeraland Team has finally discovered the patterns and secrets behind these special snowstorms: Blizzards.

1. Generation Patterns

Blizzards aren’t constantly active in Northmount, but change according to a pattern. Just like how you have a set time you go to school or work, Blizzards also have an active period, dormant period, and raging period. During the dormant period, no snowstorms will be generated in Northmount; during the active period, snowstorms will occasionally appear within Northmount; and during the raging period, the chance of snowstorms appearing and the number that appear in Northmount will greatly increase. Be sure to pay attention and act appropriately.

◆ Active Period: 11:00–1:00 (server time)

◆ Dormant Period: 2:00–10:00 (server time)

◆ Raging Period: 20:00–23:00 (server time)

◆ *Special Raging Period: Weekends 12:00–15:00 (server time)

2. Other Mysteries

Sacred Tree: Black Mulberry, the celestial stalk beneflower, and tons of powerful mutated monsters will appear in areas impacted by snowstorms created by Blizzards. While it is nice to be able to get celestial stalks and Sacred Trees fairly effortlessly, if you’re searching for the original residents of areas affected by snowstorms, they can be quite a hinderance.

“I know this Blizzard is in its active period, but I have no idea when it will finally be over. It’d be awesome if I could just shut it off.” I’m sure a million travelers have had this exact thought.

Let me tell you all a secret: The Chimeraland Team’s investigations have shown that, in fact, Blizzards can be controlled—albeit only to the extent of turning them off. But, still a pretty good discovery, right?

According to their reports, in the process of considering the link between Blizzards and Black Mulberry Sacred Trees, the Chimeraland Team rallied everyone they could to try and complete Black Mulberry Trials in an area affected by mutation. In their first attempt, it was only when the final Black Mulberry Trial was completed that the region returned to normal. In proceeding attempts, however, they only had to complete 2 or 3 Black Mulberry Trials to remove the mutation.

In addition to this, the Chimeraland Team also discovered another anomalous weather besides Blizzards. While this weather also manifested itself in the form of snowstorms, no Sacred Trees or celestial stalks appeared under its effect. After rigorous investigation, the team finally discovered that the weather was actually coming from giant beasts. The sources of that particular instance were a 30,000-year Illustrious Vindkaldr and an 18,000-year Illustrious Polar Feathered Steed. Once they were defeated, the mutation subsequently ended.

While the mutation was different in each of the cases above, the basic principle of removing them was the same: Destroy the source. So, if you want to get rid of a mutation, find and destroy its source!

3. Black Mulberry Trial Format

The Black Mulberry is one of the most special of the Sacred Trees. It is also the source of Blizzards. As such, the difficulty and format of Black Mulberry Trials is much different from the other Sacred Trees.

In the Black Mulberry Trial, your opponent is an enormously powerful boss. Only by defeating the boss can you obtain the trial rewards.

4. Rewards

Rewards are settled once the Black Mulberry Trial has been successfully completed. Team members can roll to distribute rewards or decide amongst themselves how to divvy the rewards.

Given how special the Black Mulberry Trial is, its rewards are also extraordinary. Not only will you get items dropped by defeating the boss, but there is also the chance of getting Divine Weapon Stones, Divine Weapon Weapon Souls, and Xiangliu shards from Black Mulberry Trials.

Tips: It’s worth mentioning that when a traveler obtains Xiangliu shards, the Blizzard will immediately cease, and all products of the mutation (including snowstorms and Sacred Trees) will disappear.

New Map Northmount on Chimeraland | WMI - /chimeraland/northmount-released/mulberry-trial.png

I’m not sure if any travelers will avoid participating in Black Mulberry Trials to keep the abundant celestial stalks around, but I’ll say just in case: It’s easy to get celestial stalks. The rewards for the Black Mulberry Trial on the other hand—not so easy. If the chance arises, give priority to the Black Mulberry Trial! After all, if you’re in the right place, all you have to do is use Search > Resources > Encounter > Celestial Stalk and you’ll be able to find tons of them!