4 Strategies to Compete in First-Class Blog To Increase traffic

Your blog traffic is largely determined by the quality of the articles that you create and also the title of the article, there are two alternatives to choose from when developing the title, choose keywords title with a number of little or choose a title search of the keyword or keywords that are popular’m really have that much interest in, any keywords you choose to you develop to become the title of the article then certainly the most have the potential to bring a lot of traffic to your blog is memililih keywords that have search many levels.

However the keywords as it is not a keyword that easily could just bring a lot of traffic to your blog, because generally popular keywords that have high levels of high searches are usually the competition is quite tough, so you should be able to compete with blogs board who already popular and has a good authority in the eyes of search engines.

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The following article will explain how the strategy of competing with blogs top when you select a title with popular keywords that much demand, so that even though the title of the article that you make is the title of the article which is very difficult competition and it is controlled by a blogger on board you are still likely to get visitors that can increase traffic to your blog from the article.

Strategy Board Up To Increase traffic

When you decide content were the title of the article which has a disbursement rate is high then the keyword is usually controlled by a blog board who had already published articles with keywords and able to dominate search results in the best position, so that the article’s posting that you make be able to compete there some technique or strategy you use in order to get traffic from the title.
Some strategies to compete with the top blogs that you can try are as follows:

#1. Create a title with Long Tail Keyword

When you know that the keywords that you will use to make the title of the article has a level of competition is very tough so make the title of the article is to use long tail keywords .
How do I make sure that the title that I created has a tough competition level?
The trick is simple, just do a search using the keywords that you are a target, if the search results are found millions of search results can be ascertained that these keywords have a tough competition level.
For example example for the keyword “how to create a blog”, when checked on google keyword planer, this keyword has the search rate is very extraordinary (popular keywords), can be seen in the following figure:
4 Strategies to Compete in First-Class Blog To Increase traffic | WMI - https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-J2F_XRM3ynM/VyvJ2u1OkCI/AAAAAAAADug/BHcBXoUzlt88M4C0lOfzu6wnPuJULFSkgCLcB/s280/cara-membuat-blog.png
The key word turned out to have an average number of searches per month as many as 90,500 searches, no wonder many great blogs to target this keyword, and indeed after check in keyword search results at this level of competition is quite tough which is about 6,300,000 the result, as shown in the figure below:
4 Strategies to Compete in First-Class Blog To Increase traffic | WMI - https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Fn2fYSrD3IE/VyvHIIxt35I/AAAAAAAADuU/6YXayHKGxuITvtut0gkO-Y5E5Hcs9puVACLcB/s280/kata-kunci-dengan-persaingan-sulit.png
This means that if targeting these keywords then you have to compete with other articles 6,200,000.
One way that you can rely on to compete with these keywords is presenting the article title using long tail keywords , title long tail keywords will be able to make your article likely to appear with a variety of relevant keywords so that your articles will have many opportunities to be found in search results and can increase traffic to your blog.

As explained by internet marketing experts neil patel, how how to bring in 20,000 visitors in one month with longtail keywords, states that if you consistently publish articles with long-tail content and quality are consistent with the use of the title long tail keywords then you will see an increase in traffic on the blog you are significan.

Likewise, based on research conducted by statista that onpage seo optimization average successful when it involves long tail keywords for the title, meaning that when you involve optimization seo onpage , in order to get the most out onpage optimization then you can involve titles that use long tail keywords.
So what is the number of words for the title of long tail keywords are the most ideal ?, the answer is 4 to 5 words or more, the longer the title that you create for your blog articles easier it will be that article a ranking in the search results with a variety of relevant keywords.
If you choose the title of the short tail or short title which only consists of three syllables or less for keywords with high-level competition, then your title will be difficult to compete with blogs on board, because in general the titles of articles composed of three syllables or less usually been controlled by top blogs that already has a very good reputation in the eyes of search engines and already has a long lifespan.
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#2. Create Article Length

The term content is king (Content is king) is true, and content length of 1000 to 2000 words or more it tends to be more dominant in the eyes seach enggine, and in fact the longer a piece of content that the article has a chance to appear on the first page google better.
Based on the analysis of the SERP IQ , which performed an analysis of 20,000 keywords stated that the average article capable of appearing on the first page of google (page one) is an article of 2,000 words or more, the more the number of words in the content of the rankings in the search results will tend either.
4 Strategies to Compete in First-Class Blog To Increase traffic | WMI - https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-stGgnWul2qI/Vyv3rQr4SrI/AAAAAAAADuw/B0Rtx01LhDALG_c11BSFBfJHNgjHjaOmACLcB/s280/wordcountcontent.jpg
We can see in the graph above, that content consists of 2,000 words or more have a chance to appear in the top 10 Google search results, the more the content length paka position in the search results will get better, but you can see that the first rank occupied by the article which has a number of words a little more (2416 words) than the second article and 3rd (2494 da 2492 words), it indicates that google is also concerned about the quality of the content itself, the quality of a content and the longer the number of words presented in a content then it will be very good.
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#3. Choosing Unique and interesting title

Articles that have the best opportunity both to bring in organic traffic is when the title of the article appeared in the big 3 Google search results, but you must know that the position of the top ten all have a chance to bring in traffic, if visitors feel interested and curious about the titles that you serve ,
In the search results, you can increase CTR (click throught rate) to your article by using titles and descriptions that are unique to your article, because when Internet users find the title of the article in the search results then they will first look at the title of your blog posts, if their title find interesting and intriguing then most likely internet users will visit your article they found dihasil search, although the position of your article title is not on the big 3.
It is true that not necessarily the first position to get clicks, and can be position 4 s / d 10 can get a lot of traffic, as long as the title of the article is made to the article is considered unique, attractive and make the user curious, therefore, you should consider before making articles is how to make the title of the article as unique and interesting as possible so visitors better chances of getting your article though not in the Top 3.

Steps to create an interesting title

If you want you can read the reference detail how to create titles that terbai k thus increasing click when the title is found on the first page of search engines, but here I will give simple tips to create a title that can bring organic traffic, namely:
a. Involving the number in the title you created
Example 12 ways, 13 tips and so forth.
Titles that involve numbers as is the case when your eyes find a color that contrasts with the color that is very different from the other, anga also able to show the certainty contained in the article that you serve.
b. Using words to increase the attractiveness,
Misalnya kata-kata seperti dibawah ini: For example, words such as the following:

  • Way
  • Reason
  • tips
  • tricks
  • Secret
  • Idea
  • Technique
  • Strategy
  • Fact
  • Method

If the above two techniques to create titles we combine it certainly will have its own charm when these titles are found in the search results,
Such as the title of the article that I made “3 Competitive Strategy with First-Class Blog To Increase traffic”, I accidentally combining numbers and also strategies for the more interesting titles.

How is a unique title that?

You may be able to present a title that is truly unique and interesting by involving numbers and words that attract and curious reader, but if your goal is the search engines do not forget to make sure that the title that you create is completely different with the title other articles with relevant keywords.
How to do it ?
Once you determine your target keywords for the title of the article that you make sure the title is different from the others with the steps as berukut:
Suppose I am targeting the keywords “How to increase blog traffic”
Of these keywords may be you could make the title as follows:

  • “How to increase visitor traffic blog”
  • “19 Ways to increase traffic blog visitors to 400%”
  • “Increase blog traffic easily and quickly”
  • “A quick way to increase blog traffic to pemual”
  • and other titles

If you are interested to use one of the above title, then you must make sure that the title above is truly unique.
Let’s say for the keywords that you target “How to increase blog traffic” you make the title of the article “Increase blog traffic easily and quickly” then you should make sure that the title that you will make it uniquely different from the others.
Do the following:
Please do a search using the Google search engine with keywords that you target at “How to increase blog traffic”, then observe the titles of articles that appeared dihasil search the first page, is titled “Increase blog traffic easily and quickly” in the results, if you find a title that is similar or identical to the title that you created it, then you have to change the title and with more unique different from the others, the reason for your title that you create will not give more value to the user, especially articles you not debuted at No. 3 large google.
Maybe you can change the name with the title “3 Secrets to increase traffic in the style of a professional blogger” or other similar unique title.
What is clear is that you must be able to combine the title interesting, unique and intriguing, so when the title of the article you found on page one of search results then your title will have a good chance at a click by the user.
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#4. Do not forget to involve the optimization seo offage

Offpage seo optimization has a very important role for your blog in order to get the best position in the search results, one of the most instrumental offpage optimization and remains a strong determinant until 2016 this is a backlink.
Please build backlinks in ways that are legal and also do other good promotional techniques, so that your blog posts can bring visitors or visitors abound that can increase traffic to your blog.
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When your blog is still classed very new, there will be many blogs competitors blog on board that he was already old, already has a good authority in the eyes of search engines and dominate in the search results, then one strategy to compete with blogs top for your blog can get traffic from popular keyword competition is to present a quality article, length, using long tail keywords title and make the title unique, interesting and curious users.
With the above strategies then your blog will get a chance to be discovered in Google search results in the best position and often get clicks from visitors, so your blog traffic will continue to rise slowly.