How to Determine Size Special Ad Adsense Most True

How to Determine Size Special Ad Adsense Most True

Google adsense since last few months has launched a new ad sizes, ie custom ad sizes or customized ad. Special ad design is intended to make advertising more flexible so that the appearance of more ads to match the layout of each website.
However, some adsense publishers did not dare use adsense ad unit size of this specialty. What is the reason? They are worried that there is an adverse impact on revenue adsense, because there is a warning from Google that this particular ad unit has a display ad inventory and supplies are limited.

Examples Special Ad Unit Sizes

Worrying was reasonable, and suggested what google is true. Google is known about the impact of using this particular size ad because they pocketed the data amount of ad inventory they have. But there is a way out for publishers to overcome this. That is, we can use a custom-size ad without the risk of decreased income, even increase earnings even if we know how to determine the exact size of the ad.
How to?
Before you begin, let's first understand carefully the google alert below.
! Special sized ad units may have alimited inventory of display ads available which can have a negative impact on your earnings.If your site uses responsive design, we recommend that you use a responsive ad unit.
Now you should be able to answer this question;
(?) How is that availability is not limitedinventory of display ads?
(I) The answer is: Make a custom ad size that can accommodate the image ad unit 300 × 250 and 336 × 280, because both the display ad unit's highest performance. Therefore create custom ad sizes larger than them, for example;size 468 × 280 or 468 × 300, so that an image ad measuring 336 × 280 and 300 × 250 can enter into it.
By default, the space for larger ads can be entered by a smaller-sized ad.
Additional Info:
Since I use a custom ad size as large as the above, revenue did not decline as I'm concerned before, but actually increased climb. It is evident that the size of the ad unit as special as it is right above.
* However, if your income does not rise or even decreased as a result of using this particular size ad unit, then pray to God because of your fortune is actually in the hands of Allah, whereas adsense is just as because of it.
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