How to Increase the Number of Clicks Shah / Valid Clicks Of Adsense Ads

Why your adsense ads not anyone want to click? Because your blog visitors are people who do not like to click on ads, and there is an ad for unproductive cover other ads anda.Agar blog gets a lot of clicks, visitors get the public (other than blogger) and block ads that are not productive, then the problem you will be finished. Next please you grinning to enjoy the results.

If previously you only get 1 million per month, then next time you can get 2 million per month from google and even more, depending on the niche of your blog. With conditions, traffic to your blog at least 1K / Day (1000VU / Day) and above.

How to Increase the Number of Valid Clicks Adsense Ads | WMI - to Increase the Number of Valid Clicks Adsense Ads | WMI -

I wrote this article firmly and without further ado let friends readers can easily understand.

Here I want to share with friends publisher about Tips to overcome a sluggish adsense ads. The goal is to share joy and sorrow to fellow blogger friend Indonesia. Who knows this trick helpful for us all, amen.

I have several blogs. One blog highest bidding but no one is willing to click on ads. Meanwhile, another blog traffic is low, but it can produce earnings / money / money / money is much greater than the highest bidding blog. Though the blog I telantarkan just over a year.

Almost 6 months of me figure out why.Apparently, it turns out, it turns out, there are two main things that must be addressed immediately.

What is that?
(I) Get the public visitors (other than blogger) and display advertising that sells (not boring) on ​​your blog.

How? Make a niche in addition to blogger, and a boring block ads in the ad review center.

As an example; Ads that only appear’s it please be removed from your blog. Why are ads that appear on? Please read here,Why Ads appear on Blog Just That the Only . Such ads have a high demand because it has a “quality score” is high, but in reality no one is willing to submit.For example, if a user frequently visit Facebook, the ads that appear to them only facebook ads only. Likewise with other terentu ads.

Niche blog with the theme “Tips for Bloggers” do not expect to get paid from Google every month if your blog traffic below 1000 unique visitors per day. You have to wait for 3-4 months, after that you can go to the post office to pick up the dollar wrapped by western union.

Why niche bloggers do not sell well in adsense?
Not that there are no relevant ads. But for visitors is none other fellow bloggers that they are mostly alike google adsense publisher as well. What else do you blog stubs google adsense, might you just like people talking in a coffee shop only. Just got prizes like literacy 😀

If you are a blogger or publisher adsense, I want to ask. Have you ever click on ads on other blogs? Maybe your answer like this: “Never, but once a year”. Yes please say you wait for a fee once a year from each of the bloggers 🙂

How to overcome the already niche blog blogger tips?
I cope by mixing hodgepodge article, while articles stubs bloggers just to “share” with fellow bloggers, not to make money. Every early months (pas fast internet connection) I completed one article hodgepodge package of at least 100 articles in a month. And usually completed within the first two weeks. The aim is to attract visitors other than the bloggers out there, they are more likely to click on ads valid.

The result?
After you block ads that quiet clicks, then the next day you will get a lot of valid clicks on ads on your blog. This significant change can make google kuwalahan to record your earnings from that day more than before.

Usually this rise in earnings will be marked with a warning red color in your adsense account that the accounting report the results of unfinished today or are still pending. As the picture below.

How to Increase the Number of Valid Clicks Adsense Ads | WMI - to Increase the Number of Valid Clicks Adsense Ads | WMI -

Sorry, some of the data in this report is delayed, please try again later. Ad serving or payments will not be affected.

You do not need to worry because all the clicks that you can is valid clicks or click the Shah. Google only delay the report because of the increase your Adsense income significantly, due to the optimization of your right and true.

Next, each month you will continue to receive dollars from google as a result of your hard work over the years. Does not rule out the possibility that someday, every month tens of millions of rupiah will be sent to your pocket and into yours. As experienced by a teenager origin Bengkulu adsense publishers with earnings of USD 30 per day, and if dirupiahkan means he receives more than 25 million per month from google adsense.

How do I get organic traffic?
Increase traffic to your blog by way of super fast slimming alexa numbers using SEO prenjak. The trick please read Understanding SEO prenjak In Optimization Blog .

If alexa already slim, hujani update your blog with 10 articles per day (if able). To maximize your AdSense earnings do not forget to read also Tips on Managing Blog Optimizing Google Adsense .

If you want to succeed in the google adsense earning millions of rupiah per month, then before doing much you have to know the Major Causes Adsense Publisher Can Succeed

Thus, may be useful.