What is bitly?

What is Bitly - bitly is an online service that provides short URLs for your posts so you can be easier to share with friends, family, and on the web / blog.This service is quite popular on the twitter microblogging site as it is the default service of url shortener since May 2009.
3 benefits of using bit.ly:
  1. Easy and Short.
Long web URLs can be shortened by bit.ly. Many use this service URL shorten than Adf.ly because it is more secure even if it can not generate dollars like Adf.ly. Examples can be seen above.
  1. Tracking URL record.
Bit.ly provides Tracking URL record facility and its statistics.
How do I show BitLy URL shortener service statistics ?, finally there's an easy way. The trick is to add a "+" (plus) sign at the end of the URL. Eg for URL
will be
Its statistical view is quite easy to understand, complete with the link sitereferrer, and the approximate location of the visitor. For details of time can be selected until 30 day period. The rest will only have a summary.
  1. Hide affiliate link.
Yep. It's the best reason or goodness to use Bit.ly. Many bloggers and internet marketers who use this Bit.ly to redirect to affiliate link.

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