Tips on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous

Blog hodgepodge is not always bad and niche blogs are not always good for adsense. This article is long but it may help resolve your adsense sluggish. If you are a google adsense publisher or blogger who was targeting the adsense as media monetize your blog, please read carefully this article from the beginning to the end of the yea … Publisher Indonesia should be firm and unyielding in optimizing AdSense blog.

Every trick you are trying to be no result. If there is no result, increase your hard work and do not be lazy. If it fails to hold, try again and try again until it works. Pokonya keep trying and trying, believe someday you succeed. All places no way to get there and all the difficulties there are ways to cope.

Tips on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous | WMI - on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous | WMI -

Each blog has its own advantages and disadvantages. And we must know the strengths and weaknesses of our own blog. Your SEO Tricks powerful but your article there is nothing like it, who would want to read. If the traffic adsense blog crowded but we just got a little earning, it is the same as having a net trawling outstanding but could only catch a small wader and thin. Of course we do not want as it continues not?

In order to complement our own shortcomings, let us continue to share.Do not tire of us share the experience.No matter how small you share your experience will be very useful for other friends who do not know. Right?

G oogle A d S ense

The question that should be your answer
Why no users are clicking on the ads?
Because your ads are not interesting, so users lazy to click ads. And of course many and valid clicks we expected.

How do I get a lot of clicks and invalid?
Please read How to increase the number of valid clicks adsense ads .

Well, if the above is successful, then our next task is to raise the value of ad clicks, or so-called CPC or CPC. Once again we have to be able to answer the following questions;

Why is my ad click rates low?
Because there’s an ad that covers the expensive ads on your blog, so that expensive advertising is not to be seen by the user. So that expensive ads could appear on our blog, it’s an ad that should we get rid or our block.

! BUT REMEMBER. Blocking these ads do so, but sometimes alone. If the CPC has decreased then immediately release more ads that you block from smart pricing. Freeing back blocked ads is the goal to restore the value of competition.

How to block ads that pay low

(!) Do not block ads carelessly
If you block ads in the mass of information that you can be in the list of ads air-HPK / cps low you are looking for on the internet, you might not even be earning at all. For example, you block ads en masse based ad network or advertiser you block url myself do not know what their ads. It will harm your own, because you block ads that you do not know what it is and how many ads they pay you. It could be high-paying ads follow you block low paying ads and even your pet.

* I had already tried it that way and now I am cured.

How good way to block ads?
You have to know where the ads are cheap and which were expensive ad with your own understanding. Do not just bandwagon block ads if you do not know which ads are cheap and which were expensive advertising.

How can I find cheap and expensive advertising ad?
This is our real challenge. No one knows how much each advertiser pays us. But we can predict a low paying ads based on some of the following considerations;

1. Advertising non-business and advertising free stuff
For example, social networking ads, ad religious outreach, advertising, which includes the goods / services for free, ads in which there is no process of buying and selling, and other ads that are not worth business. It is the types of ads that can be predicted to pay the cost.

2. Advertising in ads
For example, an ad that includes another ad serving. For example, ads that turned out to belong to advertising sites also market the products of others.This is an ad business that may pay low.And usually these ads have the number of units is too much in the ad review center, so that the other ads that you want to appear on your blog will be covered by this ad.

* So ads can we think pay dearly are ads promoting goods / services on their own. The higher the price and the quality of the advertiser’s product, the higher they pay us. More or less.

How can I block ads that pay the cost?
This is an important step and is one determinant of success! Concentrate your care every morning in the ad review center. Notice all the ads that have a high impression scores. If there’s occupying paying ad impression scores high, should be blocked just as well as other relevant ads.

* You can block ads that appear visually in one by one and their related ads in the ad review center. And you can also block all ads to the URL it does not appear again later.

Tips on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous | WMI - on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous | WMI -

Thus, the ads that pay high will occupy impression scores high and will often appear on your blog, because they are now not inferior rivals in terms of “quality score” with ads that pay low.

Tips on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous | WMI - on Optimizing Google Adsense With Blog Miscellaneous | WMI -

Avoid unsold ad

This is a trick to avoid the boring ads users so that users do not see ads, they regularly visit. Google itself often change display ads so that users do not get bored.

Based on Google’s advertising system, a third party or Google-certified networks to target specific ads using audience data they already have. For example, if a user frequently visit Facebook, the ads that appear before they are advertising facebook though your article themed tourism. Assuming that Facebook ads are favored by the users because they often visit facebook, and it is called the ad has a “quality score” higher on the assumption more likely to be clicked.Meanwhile, if perhaps people who already have an account Facebok will click on ads facebook. Of course it is impossible right?

Therefore we should block only third-party ads in the ad review center.