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Writing articles on the blog that so many kinds and styles.There is a style of journalism, literary style, formal style (formal), freestyle (informal), and so on. I do not need to explain in detail various writing styles because of my own too many forgotten. For bloggers like us, article writing style may use anything we want. But choose one; Use the manner and style of writing that is most convenient for you.

To succeed in adsense we must understand some basic guidelines. This article may be useful to you.

Two capabilities required for adsense publishers

1. Understand the google adsense program policies
2. Ability optimization (blogs and advertisements)
(I) the blog traffic and advertising arrangements like sugar and coffee.

Three important things technically

1. The length of posts
The longer the article the more it will draw attention away users from ads, and getting a bit of your article it will be more crowded post pages for their ads.Therefore make an article that moderate, not too long and not too short, but solid information.

2. The width of the page
The layout is important and no different from the first point. The wider the pages of your blog posts it will be more far-reaching user’s eyes from the ads, so ads are less visible or vague. And the narrow width of the page posting the more crowded room as fulfilled by advertising article. Therefore once again make the mediocre to the width of your blog page.

3. Visibility ad
Make color ads more visible but unobtrusive, and placing ads near the user’s attention but do not hinder them.The aim is to avoid accidental clicks or clicks do not know that your adsense account is not banned, and also to make your ad look more attractive to hit. So it will generate a lot of clicks and invalid.

The result?
You will be notified by the scorecard optimization adsense.

Managing Tips Optimizing Google Adsense Blog | WMI - Tips Optimizing Google Adsense Blog | WMI -

Boost update!
The first time you create a blog, the first task is to streamline the Alexa numbers.If your alexa figure has reached 250 thousand down, beat your blog with anything as long as the original article.Please find sources of foreign articles in there and then rewrite into Indonesian.You are required to update quickly. Do not be ashamed to be called a hodgepodge blog. Many blogs niche amid street jammed or stalled.

Include url owner of the article to avoid accusations of plagiarism. If in doubt ask for permission to the site owner. I sent an electronic mail request for permission to use the content to overseas sites such as the Daily Mail et al.

However there is a limit in updating articles every day, ie a maximum of 10 articles for 24 hours. The goal is that your blog is not considered to be spam can be locked automatically by the system and ultimately our blog blogger deleted after 20 days.

Traffic Up!
(I) By increasing the update frequency of the original article, your blog traffic will undoubtedly further increase in a short time. At the time of such success has been imminent.

Like planting rice in the fields, after toil plowing, planting rice, fertilizing, weeding, spraying pests, and me-anything, this is the time before the harvest. Signs of the harvest is the blog visitors started coming in every minute.

Managing Tips Optimizing Google Adsense Blog | WMI - Tips Optimizing Google Adsense Blog | WMI -

Do not give up!
Never give up and do not worry you can not be successful, as long as you want diligent, patient and painstaking. If you already have about 1,000 unique visitors per day with a good ad optimization, then you will get paid from Google every month because so many clicks were legitimate.

Managing Tips Optimizing Google Adsense Blog | WMI - Tips Optimizing Google Adsense Blog | WMI -

strength publisher
(I) The main strength of a publisher adsense only one, lies in its ability to update the original articles continuously without stopping for a publisher. As performed by Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji Who?
All adsense expert would know. Linda Ikeji is a publisher Nigerian girl who succeed in adsense with the free blog.Linda Ikeji article updates an average of 10 articles every day for 10 years as a publisher adsense.

Linda Ikeji now estimated to have earned more than $30 USD or more than 300 million rupiah per month from google adsense only use the free blog that berdomain blogspot. Linda Ikeji very famous in Nigeria and his blog every day received thousands of comments from other bloggers across the globe, especially bloggers Nigeria.

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That’s it. May be useful.