Your Google AdSense account banned? You do not feel committing an offense? If so, immediately submit an appeal. If you do not know how, this article will provide you with information on how to appeal your Google adsense account that was banned or disabled by reason of invalid activity for other reasons.

Running Google adsense advertising program or a Google ads publisher can be spelled out easy, even if I think personally more difficult than easy.Because in addition to always be obedient to the policy of Google, we must also intensively keep our adsense account from various things that could endanger the account, because if we are negligent or unaware, consequently our Google adsense account will be disabled because it is considered to have violated the rules that have been agreed.

As it happened to my account some time ago, suddenly ads are not running and login access to my Google adsense dashboard is disabled. It’s very sad, but I do not feel at all violating, fortunately Google still gives an opportunity to anyone whose account is disabled to recover the account by appealing. And on this occasion I will share how to appeal Google Adsense account which is disabled because of invalid activity to be approved.

Before we go on how to appeal Google Adsense account that is disabled because of invalid activity to be approved. It would be nice to explain the chronology that happened to my account, so it would be a valuable lesson for my friends who are both running Google advertising programs or as publishers of Google adsense ads.

How to Apply for a Google Adsense Account In Disabled Because of Invalid Activity | WMI -

On the 26th of May 2017 at 6:30 pm, I noticed that there was something strange about traffic on my blog, initially online being seen there were 29 visitors, a few moments later the visitor increased to 129 people, and continued to grow to penetrate 1229 people, really very out of the ordinary, I immediately open Google analytics and see there are 1200 online visitors coming from the United States.

Because I am very sure that traffic is not a real traffic but a robot or something that essentially there is trying to damage the refutation of the Blog and my Google Adsense account, so as soon as I delete all the ad code and I also delete the authority of the site, and 10 minutes later I change the ad code adsense on my blog using ad code from different adsense account.

After the ads go live as usual, I re-intend to open the adsense account that was, but what surprised me, because when logged in directly get a notification if the login access my adsense account has been disabled by the reason of invalid activity, I immediately open an email, and get an email with a sound like in the picture below.

How to Apply for a Google Adsense Account In Disabled Because of Invalid Activity | WMI -

In the picture above it is clear that my adsense account is banned, but there it says if Google still gives me the opportunity of cooperation I am willing to comply with all policies, by appeal, but before appealing, I am required to read the reason for closing the account, (See my URL give red circle).

When I click the url it turns out the closure of my adsense account is caused by invalid traffic, in accordance with the events I mentioned above earlier. So the deactivation of my Google Adsense account is not due to the click boom or click on my own ads, but because of the invalid traffic.

How to Apply for a Google Adsense Account In Disabled Because of Invalid Activity | WMI -

Well if there are among readers whose Google adsense account is disabled, you should before appealing first read what is the main reason for closing adsense account, because if wrong in giving information, very difficult your appeal to be granted, and according to some friends who have experienced banned adsense account, if the first appeal is rejected, then how many times appeal will still be rejected. Once you understand the issue that resulted in account closure, just prepare a step to appeal.

How to appeal a disabled Google adsense account to be approved

Any disabled account will get links or urls to appeal, and if you open, it will be brought into the appeal form as follows:

1. *Enter your name.*

In the input field of your name, please fill in the name corresponding to that used in your Google Adsense account.

2. *Email Address. *

Where to reply our email will be sent. If you have an email associated with your AdSense account, please include it here.

For emails will usually be written automatically.
3. *Example URLs where your ads are located.*

In the URL column please fill with the url sites / blog adsense code fitted with, if more than 1 blog, you have to write everything.

Example: and and so on.

Note: The site where you want to place ads (must be active).

4. *Have you ever purchased traffic to your site, mobile app, and / or YouTube channel?. *



Select No.

5. *How can users get to your site, mobile app, and / or YouTube channel?****How do you promote content?*

On this page write it down: I create content that is useful for users, and on how users get to my site I do search engine optimization while still complying with Google webmaster policies and quality.

6. *Do you or your site, mobile app, and / or YouTube channel ever violate the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions?****If so, how did the violation occur ?*

Here just answer honestly, never or never, you must remember about warning if it ever violated.

7. *What are the reasons for invalid activity on your site, mobile app, and / or YouTube channel? Provide detailed information about all the specific reasons you believe are relevant to your case.*

Well here it is very important to mention the incident you experienced, if you experience a click boom, say for example: "
Already happened click continuously on the hour so that until, before I had time to do manual action, my adsense account is already disabled". So also if the reason is like the case I experienced that there is unnatural traffic. The point is to say what it is, because Google’s system will sync the objection reports and track impressions that exist on Google data.

8. *What changes will you apply to help improve the quality of ad traffic on your site, mobile app, and / or YouTube channel? When answering, see our suggestions on how to prevent invalid activity.*

Here’s the answer, I’ll be more careful and intensive about keeping my Google adsense account, and I promise.

9. *Please include any data from your site traffic logs or traffic reports, mobile apps, and / or YouTube channels that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers or requests that may explain the occurrence of invalid activity.*

Here the answer corresponds to the events that happened to you, for example: There has been a continuous click on day / hour / date / month / year.

Note: In filling the appeal form must use English, although the question on the appeals form using the Indonesian language.

After everything is filled, please read again repeatedly, if it is correct, please check the sign if you have agreed agreement and then please submit your account appeal.

You can also read adsense help regarding:
AdSense account disabled for invalid traffic.

Here You Will be Write Disclaimer : AdSense Support (Recommended) | Actually Go Form Disclaimer : Form Appeal

In my case, it took 5 days to get a reply about the acceptance or disapproval of an appeal for the closure of my Google Adsense account. And Alhamdulillah my adsense account has been reactivated and ads also my earnings have been running as before.

Maybe that’s all I can say about how to appeal Google adsense account banned or disabled because of invalid activity, regardless of all the effort, do not forget to always pray. And in appealing do not ever give false information. May be useful.