Powerful Ways to Remove Active Links in Blog Comments
Link is active in the comment, what does it mean? An active link is a link that contains hyperlinks to point to a specific page or site.Means if combined, the meaning of the active link in the comment is the active link in the comment. Usually embedded by other blogger people or admins in the comments column as a response to the article in a blog post.
If there is an active link, is there any inactive link? Correct. Inactive links mean the opposite of active links. Physically, an inactive link when clicked using a mouse will not generate a new page. In contrast to active links. Clicking will redirect to a specific page according to the URL embedded in it.

Backlink effect

The blog walker or admin term used to make comments on other blogs, usually aim to get backlinks. They then insert a link to his blog on the comments they wrote. In addition, he also hopes to get a response from people who visit the blog.

Why was it removed

Then why do active links have to be deleted in comments? Will it damage or adversely affect the blog? Actually it can be said, Yes and it can be No. Why so, because it all depends on what active links are embedded in the comments. If the active link contains good links, for example, directing to sites that do not contain haram, such as porn, online gambling, money games and semisalnya, then no need to delete them. But if the active link contains promo or forbidden ads, so it's good to be deleted.

SEO SEO Effect

In terms of SEO blogs, the existence of active links are classified as spam will be very detrimental to the blog. The blog will be difficult to be crawled, because it is feared that the active link is inserted in damaged condition or even error. So reasonable, if when checking broken links in the blog, it turns out the most broken link is in the comments. This is why then the blogger admin limits and also disables the comment feature.
Therefore, this time I want to share 2 ways to remove the active link in the comments. That is first delete via blogger and second comment feature, conditioned that in the comment column can not be inserted active link. Here's more reviews.

How to remove active links in comments

Manually delete

1. Go to the blogger dashboard.
2. Select the Comments menu.Click Published.
Powerful Ways to Remove Active Links in Blog Comments
3. Please click Remove content for all contents of the missing comment. Figure A is a comment that has not been in Remove, while picture B is the result of comments already in Remove.
In this way, the active links that are contained in the comments will automatically disappear following all the content of the comment. However, the commenter's name still appears in the comment field.
If you want to remove the whole, both the commenter and the content of his comment, then click Delete . While wanting to include it as a spam comment, please click Spam. Then the comment will go into a special folder, the Spam folder. It's located under the Published menu.

Automatic way

The purpose of this way is, make the comment field can not be inserted by the active link. Can only be filled by comments only.Here's how.
1. Go to the blogger dashboard.
2. Click Edit HTML in the Template menu.
3. Place the following code just below <head>.
<script src='http: //ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1/jquery.min.js'></script>
4. Then place the following code above the code </head>
<script type='text/javascript'>
$(function() {
$('#comments p').find('a').contents().unwrap();
5. End with Save template.
In this way, then whenever anyone gives a comment on our blog, then anything inserted into it will not be active. This method is in addition to easy, also still in moderate category. That is, it still provides an opportunity for commenters to insert inactive links. And of course, inactive links will have no effect whatsoever for googlebot crawling. Because he is only rated as a plain text mode. This means safe for our blog.
Thus, two powerful ways can be used to remove active links in comments . Hopefully useful and good luck.