If you often experience interference with your home or office wifi connection, or feel the internet Wifi more slow, you must read these tips.

Here are 8 Tips to Outsmart your Wifi router to get a faster and more stable Internet connection:

1. Using Powerline Adapter.

Using Powerline Adapters to increase the signal strength of your wifi router is one solution that requires additional cost but is quite effective, especially if you want to amplify the signal in one room.

Some Powerline Adapter products available on the market include:

2. Finding the optimal spot for Router.

Wifi routers emit signals throughout the house. Some can penetrate the wall, some are independent of thickness and signal strength.

Find the most optimal position for your wifi router, try in a somewhat high place and do not put the wifi router on the floor because it can degrade the ability of the router or even can not connect at all.

3. Position the antenna for a router that has 2 or more antennas.

For routers that have 2 antennas it is advisable not to confront the antenna in the same direction as it will reduce the effectiveness of the router in transmitting the signal.

wifi aluminium foil

Well if this one way honest Me have never tried, but many say it works and can help improve the strength of wifi signal though a little.

5. Using Wifi Extender.

One of the tips that cost extra (again), Wifi Extender is useful for forwarding the wifi signal from your router to be transmitted back to all areas.

Then more effectively where Wifi extender with powerline adapter?

If the goal is to expand the signal in general then you can use Wifi Extender, but if you need a strong signal in one room then use Powerline Adapter.

Here are some Wifi Extender products on the market:

6. Installing DD-WRT Firmware.

This is a pretty risky option especially for those of you who have no experience in upgrading the Router firmware.

When successfully done will open up new features that can be used to improve the ability of your router.Make sure your WIFI Router model is among those who can use this firmware.

The risk is if the firmware installation fails then your Wifi Router will be completely unusable.

You can learn and also download the dd-wrt firmware here.

7. Get rid of objects that could block the router

The following solution is a solution that uses only reason. Because the Wifi Router transmits signals in all directions it’s good your Router is not blocked objects, especially large ones.

8. Reboot Router on a regular basis.

Well if this one is a process that you should do it.

It does not matter for the Wifi Router burning continuously for 24 hours each day, but for better performance try to routinely reset / reboot every day at the same time.

Many problems or problems with troubled Router Wifi can be solved simply by rebooting, so before the problem occurs routinely every day do it.

Well then these tips you can try to improve the performance of Router Wifi which will automatically improve your signal, connection, and Internet speed.

Good luck and hopefully useful yes.