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Satan Servant Synopsis (2017)

Servant Satan , both versions 1980 and 2017, rests on the same premise: instability in the household sphere. The first version directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra opened with a funeral procession, followed by a narrative about the absence of a mother figure, which made the children at home seem to lose their grip. While the latest version by Joko Anwar, the remake of the old version of Pengabdi Satan, was opened by economic difficulties.

Mother (played by Ayu Laksmi) in the latest Devotion Servant is a singer who is the backbone of the family - different from the mother in the old version which is implicitly described as a housekeeper and child. As a supporter of the economy, the role of mother is clearly irreplaceable by domestic servants like Darminah. And considering the absence of demites under the guise of domestic help, then terror certainly must come from other figures. The question: where from?

The plot in this film was sourced from within the household. Not because of the absence of the mother and the lack of faith, but because of the old scandal that was buried tightly. A character named Budiman (Egy Fedly) tells that mother had a bad relationship with her father-in-law, her grandmother's children (Elly D. Luthan). First, grandma does not like the profession of a mother as a singer, and secondly, grandmother wants to have grandchildren quickly.

The situation is increasingly complicated when it is known that mothers are unable to have children. My mother then tried to improve the household situation by going to a forbidden sect that could make her descendant. Through mysterious ways, successful mothers have four children and their families are happy. However, the catastrophe that he had delayed for so long finally arrived when his youngest child turned seven years old.

It is clear that the source of the disaster is the mother's dark efforts. However, if drawn further, this effort is actually only the mother's response to the pressure of her in-laws (grandmother). In other words, hajat and all the conservative values ​​adopted by the grandmother have contributed to pushing the origin of disaster. So when at the end of the film the grandmother tries to help her family, it may not only show her good intentions, but her regret.
Ustadz defeat
Another difference from the Servant Servant of Joko Anwar's version is the depiction of the Ustadz figure who is no longer appearing as a savior. In this film, Pak Ustaz (Arswendi Bening Swara) is a person who keeps feeling sad and angry because of his son's death. He was finally defeated by Satan. Even so, the ustaz figure in the new version is not just made weak. Just like the depiction of a mother's figure, the figure of Pak Ustaz was also formed as the original version of the Devotion of Servant was changed.

The key to changing the character of Pak Ustaz is in the character Hendra (Dimas Aditya). The figure of Hendra, whose role is somewhat similar to Herman's in the old version, is a young man who approached his sister in the family of the Devotees of Satan. However, what distinguishes the new version of the Servant Servant, Hendra is described as the son of Pak Ustaz. These threads between the two figures made Pak Ustaz look like an ordinary human.

Such characterization of Pak Ustaz is arguably the right strategy. Because, the narration needed by today's audience might not be a narrative that deifies religious leaders. It is important to stress that even religious leaders are only human beings who can err, have feelings of sadness and anger. They were honorable people, but not saviors, as described by the old version of the Servant Servant.

In the old version of Devotion Service, the figure of Pak Ustaz appeared very heroic. He not only succeeded in conquering Darminah, but was diligent in claiming the troubled family to diligently pray. Initially, the old version of Pak Ustaz in the Devotion Service did not immediately get attention. The father, who was described as busy with parliamentary work, repeatedly ignored Pak Ustaz for various reasons. While one by one disaster had occurred at home, and only Pak Ustaz could save them.

The old version of the Servant Servant story invites the audience to hope anxiously, waiting for the family in the film to immediately care about the advice of Ustaz. While waiting, the audience was also invited to condemn family behavior that ignored religious teachings. When finally the family was urged and finally saved by Ustaz, maybe the words that would appear were like this: "So, listen to Ustaz, and don't forget to pray."

In the new version of Satan Servant, Ustadz is more attached to his social space. It doesn't come from everywhere; its role is no more than what we commonly find everyday: giving advice and filling in religious events.

This description may be a statement from Joko Anwar, that dependence on savior figures is indeed irrelevant. If we remember, a similar narrative had been present in the first film Joko Anwar, Janji Joni (2006). When Joni asked the police for help to pursue the thief, the police officer asked Joni to fill out the report. Finally, Joni tried his own fate.

Likewise, Rini and her siblings had to fight against the devil. Joko Anwar does not invite the audience to hope for anyone. Sources of safety always move along the storyline. Initially there might have been Hendra and Mr. Ustadz who was staying digadang would save Rini and her younger siblings. However, when both of them were proven to have failed, salvation was then carried out by Rini and her family, who received references from Budiman's writings. Even so, the writings of Budiman, who said that taking care of each other were a way out, were wrong. Until finally, when Rini and her family were pressed, deus ex machina appeared: help suddenly came from Budiman and (spirit) grandmother at the last moment.
Victory of Servant of Satan
As a horror film, the Devotion Devils packaging is fairly successful in presenting a tense atmosphere. When the new film starts for a few minutes, through the expressions and sayings of Bondi (Nasar Annuz), the audience is immediately made goose bumps by the presence of the mother. For every scary scene, the film always plants first, so that each scene feels natural and does not come suddenly. For example, before Tony (Endy Arfian) was terrorized by his mother's song on the radio, it was first shown that Tony was used to listening to the radio every night.

Terror that occurred in this film was also made closely related to the story. Ian (M. Adhiyat), for example, looks totally free from the terror of the mother's soul — only the grandmother's soul terrorizes Ian. Ian could even casually argue when Rini asked Bondi's confession that saw the devil mother on the stairs. Similarly, when Ian was not allowed to try the camera toy containing the slideshow that Bondi held. Instantly, Bondi immediately saw the apparition of the mother's soul in his camera.

Unfortunately, those impressions can only be understood when the film has finished. The amount of plothole, and a twist that is not well built, causes this film to not be digested immediately. At the end of the film, information is made so piling up, without tight continuity. When Budiman revised his writing, the audience was not shown the process. Nor did the audience see Tony and Rini studying Budiman's writings. There is not even a hint that Budiman owns a car — which is not easy to turn on. Suddenly, everything felt instant.

As a result, although it contains a discourse relevant to the present, Joko Anwar's Servant Servant is still difficult to call a strong work. The final half of Servant Devotion can be said to be chaotic. Various narratives that try to emulate conservative narratives about women's fertility, the profession of artists, and the role of religious leaders, are less well-cultivated. The consideration that made the mother become a member of the satanist sect was not at all told. His feud with grandmother was also only spoken verbally by other characters — even though, according to Budiman's story, those two things were at the root of the problems that afflicted the Rini family.

These shortcomings might be Joko Anwar paying in the next Devotion Service. According to news circulating, Joko Anwar indeed made this remake as a prequel with two chapters. In other words, there is still one more film before the story really reaches the original version of the Devotion Servant. It is probable that the vacant plot will be answered in the next Devotion Servant. The audience questions about the conversation between the father and mother, Budiman's whisper to Hendra, until the mother and grandmother's conflict might be answered later — just as Insidious 2 fills the void in Insidious 1

So far, the Demonic Servant audience has reached more than two million. At the Indonesian Film Festival, Pengabdi Setan entered the best film nominations — plus 12 other nominations. Various conversations in cyberspace, both those created thanks to memes and reviews, also have the potential to continue to extend Satan's Servant's breath. These achievements make the next Satanic Servant clear a reasonable step. And that has been a victory for all the teams behind the Servant of Satan.

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