The problem is MSMDownloadTool when run on Windows 7 and 10, the “Connect timeout” message appears. See the lower right side of the MSMDownloadTool interface, there is an Unauthorized description that should be Internet / Online. The MSM Download Tool displays Connected information when Oppo A71 2018 CPH1801 is connected to a computer in EDL Mode but the Start button cannot be clicked.
Based on experience like the one above, I finally found a solution.

  1. Install PDAnet
    Download the PDAnet installer and install it on your personal Windows computer. After installing try running the MSM Download Tool application.
    How can number 1 still not work? Continue the second way.
  2. 2. Internet LAN
    Had several times in several computers and had installed all the software correctly (Code Meter, Update Licensing Code Meter, PADnet, even Enable Enforcer) the problem of “connect timeout” still appeared. Even until I have to reinstall the computer incorrectly into Windows 7 64 bit!

But when trying again on a Windows 10 64 bit computer that is connected to the internet using a LAN, the MSM Download Tool can run properly without having to use Enable TNT Enforcer.
Conclusion the number 2 method do not use a computer / laptop connected to the internet using wireless / wifi. Use LAN!

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