Tips Agar File Hasil Download Kamu Tidak Corrupt

Tips For Your File Download Results Do Not Corrupt Web Development Indonesia - Everyone certainly does not expect the downloaded file to be corrupt or corrupt. The downloaded file is corrupt indeed very annoying. Just imagine, if you download a file of 30 GB with medium internet speed, and you have to wait for days but it turns out the results are corrupt . If you experience something like that, do not immediately blame the file uploader. Because it could be that the original file uploaded by the uploader is not corrupt. Then why is it corrupt? The file was corrupted during the download process.
Tips For Your File Download Results Do Not Corrupt
There are several factors that cause the file to be corrupted when downloading, such as your unstable internet connection. Well, to prevent your downloaded files from being corrupted, this time I will share some tips.

  1. Use the Download Manager software

    Besides being able to accelerate your download speed, files that are downloaded with the download manager software also have a smaller risk of corrupt than files downloaded with the default browser downloader. You can use download manager software such as Internet Download Manager or EagleGet.

  2. Tips For Your File Download Results Do Not Corrupt

  3. Do not download large files if the connection is not stable

    Based on my experience, an unstable internet connection is very influential on the download results. Especially if the connection is often lost when being downloaded, most likely the result is corrupt. You can try downloading using the @ connection. In addition to finishing quickly, the possibility of corrupt files is also very small.

  4. Don't pause resume downloads too often

    Most Download Manager software comes with a pause-resume feature. This feature is very helpful for us if we want to disconnect the internet connection when the download is not complete. However, if you use this feature too often, your downloaded files can become corrupt because sometimes the server sends the wrong command when you resume downloading.

  5. Lower the maximum number of connections in the Download Manager

    The more the number of connections, of course your download speed will also be faster. However, the number of connections that are too many can cause downloaded files to be corrupted because the files will be divided so that the hard disk performance will be heavier. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the maximum number of connections in your Download Manager.

    1. Open your Download Manager software (for example I use IDM), then click Options
    Tips For Your File Download Results Do Not Corrupt
    2. Select the Connection tab, then change the Default max connection number. The smaller, the better
    Tips For Your File Download Results Do Not Corrupt
    3. Finally click OK.

Now that's a few tips so that your downloaded file is not corrupt. If you have other tips, you can share them by writing them in the comments column. Happy downloading!

Regards, Aditya Eka

Tips For Your File Download Results Do Not Corrupt