Avoid Using Anchor Text Here in Link Creation - There are some anchor text that should be avoided when creating link links in the article. Even the anchor text was marked by the Lighthouse tool as an error that must be corrected.

Because of the importance of making the correct anchor text for a link, the Lighthouse tool even marks some anchor text as an error that must be corrected. At present there are only a few words and in several languages, but the possibility will continue to be increased according to languages ​​in the world.

The marked anchor text includes:

  • click here
  • click this
  • go
  • here
  • this
  • start
  • right here
  • more
  • learn more

And of course for writing Indonesian articles you should avoid using anchor text that has similarities with the anchor text and the like.

Anchor text or link text is text that is inside a link that is useful to tell users and search engines like Google something about the linked page.

There are 2 types of links made, namely internal links that point to other pages on your site and / or external links that point to content on other sites.

In this case there are still many bloggers who are mistaken in making internal links. There are still many who make internal links by using the URL of the page itself with keywords as anchor text and repeated. Though you should use the URL from other pages that relate to the content created.

Back to anchor text, in this case the better the anchor text is, the easier it is for users and for Google to navigate and to understand what pages you are linking to.

For example, avoid creating links like the following:

  <p>Untuk melihat perlengkapan youtube saya, silahkan <a href="#">klik di sini</a>.</p> 

But you should make it like this:

  <p>Berikut adalah <a href="#" title="perlengkapan youtube">perlengkapan youtube</a> yang saya gunakan.</p> 

And don't forget to also use the title tag so that it is more easily understood by search engines like Google.

And as I have discussed in the previous post, if the anchor text is replaced by an image or icon then you should add the aria-label .

So in general, the text in a link must clearly show users what type of content they will get if they click on the link.

And make sure the link is different from plain text, make it easy for users to distinguish between plain text and link text. Your content becomes less useful if a user skips a link or doesn't recognize a link or might click it accidentally because the link is obscured by plain text.

And last but not least, use the noopener rail tag for external links so that the links don't hamper our blog's performance.

For posting the correct use of anchor text, I have also made a video to make it clearer. Please watch the following video.

Thus posts about making links with this anchor text, hopefully can be understood and useful.

Avoid Using The Following Anchor Text In Making Links