Perlukah Kamu Menggunakan Domain XYZ?

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

Have you ever heard of the XYZ domain name? Some of you may be unfamiliar or have never even known the domain of the last three letters in this alphabetical order. In fact, noted that in November 2015, there were already 1.5 million websites that used the .xyz suffix on their domains.

The XYZ domain was developed by Daniel Negari since 2014. According to him, the need for alternative domain names has been around since people started having trouble choosing a name for the .com domain extension so that domain extensions with the last three letters of the alphabetical order seem to be widely used and easy to remember. Sure enough, along with its development, the XYZ domain has continued to increase users until it managed to reach the 4th domain which is often registered in June 2016.

Why XYZ Domain?

Then, what is the reason that can convince you that you feel the need to use the XYZ domain?

This domain is designed to be used by various groups, especially those in generations X, Y, and Z. Therefore, the XYZ domain site also provides various other more detailed domain extensions that lead to users in generations X to Z, such as. college, .car, .baby, or .monster to choose their domain extensions. However, if you want to cover a wider audience, you should use the main domain with the .xyz suffix.

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XYZ Domain Advantages

Before choosing XYZ domain as your domain extension, maybe you can check the following factors to consider:

  • The name is easy to remember

    In addition to being the last three letters in the alphabetical order, the XYZ domain can also mean three nicknames of the age generation, namely generation X born around 1961-1980, generation Y around 1981-1995, and generation Z born around 1996-2010.

  • Already indexed by Google

    At least in 2018, this domain extension is still not indexed by Google. As a result, when the XYZ domain website is accessed, visitors will be directed to the Google Search page first. But, now websites with XYZ domains can be immediately accessed without passing through the Google Search page.

  • Opportunity to get a premium domain

    Given the age of the XYZ domain which is still the age of corn, don't be surprised if you easily find domain names that have not been used by others. So, you can get a premium domain, i.e. choose your own domain name to your liking. But, if you intend to use a premium domain, make sure you move quickly so that your target domain name is not taken by someone else.

  • Can be used for various purposes

    Some domain extensions have their respective functions, for example. Com which is used for corporate or community, .org for organizations, to for educational institutions in Indonesia. However, if you look at the list of websites that use the XYZ HERE domain, you will see various types of websites with XYZ domain extensions that are used for various purposes, ranging from agencies, startup businesses, organizations, and even individual profile websites . It is also possible, you can use this domain extension to make something more creative, there's nothing to lose, right?

Not only advantages, there are also some shortcomings that have this one domain extension.

Lack of XYZ Domain

  • Because users are far less than the .com domain, this name is still a bit unfamiliar to the ears of ordinary people.

  • Cheap in the first year, then the normal price is not much different from other domains.

However, if calculated in more detail, it will still be more profitable if you combine the discount from the XYZ domain promo and cloud hosting package from Dewaweb, because currently the .xyz domain only costs Rp 12 thousand if you buy at Dewaweb. But unfortunately, you have to move faster because this promo only lasts until January 22, 2020.

Another solution, you can buy cloud hosting packages on Dewaweb starting from the Warrior package and enjoy free lifetime domains for all extensions, including the .xyz domain. So, all the decisions come back to you, what advantages do you want to get and what disadvantages do you want to avoid from choosing domain extensions for your website ?

Example of the XYZ Domain website

Based on the advantages above, have you started to get the results of consideration? In order to give you an insight into what types of websites use the .xyz domain extension, here are some examples of websites with the .xyz domain suffix that might add to your inspiration:

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

Originally from Bali, Organic Culture is a business that sells organic cucumber pickles. This business has been established since 2015, a year after the XYZ domain was released. In addition to cultivating Indonesian agriculture, Organic Culture also utilizes websites to expand its business using the XYZ domain.

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

You can make Emma Lewis's website an inspiration. This photographer from the United Kingdom uses the XYZ domain as a suffix on his website . Not only unique, but the price is also fairly cheap for individual sizes.

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

Not wanting to be left behind, the conglomerate industry which is also the parent company of Google, Alphabet, also uses .xyz as the suffix of their domain names. Domain naming and domain name selection are also a consideration, because the purpose of the Alphabet using XYZ domains is to represent language, one of humanity's greatest innovations that starts with "abc" and ends with "xyz." This idea is also suitable for you who want to make a name a unique domain for your brand .

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

This one website is a fictional profile website from the United States TV series titled Silicon Valley. Not much information is presented, but this website is powerful enough to "turn on" the characters in the series. You can use this method too if you want to make "online business cards."

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

Besides being used as a profile or business, it is also possible that you can use the XYZ domain to create a social organization like that of a basketball player and motivator, Harold Lefty Williams. Together with his wife, Lefty created a charity website focused on education for children. This website has proven, that domain extensions for organizations are not limited to .org only. Do you agree?

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | WMI -

Social News is a website from India that shares news from home and abroad. Just like most news portals, articles or news collected on this website are distributed to several different sections. However, this website looks more discussing the topic of film, both locally and internationally.

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After knowing the facts about the XYZ domain, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as website examples for inspiration, do you think you need to use the XYZ domain? No need to rush, specify a domain that matches the identity of the prospective website that you want to create. Of course you also need to consider a domain name that is suitable for your prospective website . One thing you need to remember, if your domain name is good, make sure you also use cloud hosting which is guaranteed to be fast and secure so that your website can always be relied on!

Do You Need to Use an XYZ Domain? | Dewaweb Blog