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This is Website is made by Dimas Lanjaka codename L3n4r0x, Blog name “WMI” (Website Management Indonesia).

Previous domains of this blog:

Website Management Indonesia is a blog to implement a code of website code to be published.
We will publish everything we have implemented ourselves.
And everything is free of charge unless you make a donation to us.

Important: Everything on this www.webmanajemen.com is original. But we also take resources from external to add the look of the article. And ALL resources including Images, Videos, and Audio we copy to add to the look of this blog are entirely the copyright of the web source.

That is all and thank you.

Warning: when copying articles on this website you must provide the source url to the source of our article url. Because we have registered this blog with the DMCA and COPYSCAPE. If you use adsense, I will file a DMCA copyright infringement on your blog, and is prohibited from adsense. Learn more: https://www.dmca.com/faq/Report-copyright-infringement


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This Website is Hosted at GitHub Pages because of their Global CDN Networks and Website Loading Speed

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Creating a quality Website takes a lot of time. Unlike others website,
WMI is completely independently funded. We fight for our users. This does mean
however that we also have to spend time working contracts to pay the bills.
This is where you can help: by chipping in you can ensure more time is spent
improving WMI rather than dealing with distractions.

To Support Us :

  • You can Contribute
  • You can donate us in our Indonesia bank
  • Disable your AdBlock

Bank Account number : 1410018806174

Bank Name : Bank Mandiri

Bank Code : 008

Bank Country : Indonesia

Card Holder Name : Kuswati


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