Bird Wing

October 1, 2022 4:26 AM
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Bird Wing

What is the use of the Bird Wing

  • Eating restores 180 fullness, but also causes Food Poisoning. Feed to pets to increase Fullness and EXP.

How to get Bird Wing

  • Got to the Auction House to obtain it.
  • Hunt some bird-type creatures to obtain it.

Cooking Recipes Using Bird Wing

Buddha's Temptation

Recipe Name Buddha's Temptation
Material Hoof Sinew
Crab Claw Meat
Bird Wing
Coriander Powder
Any Mushroom
Device Stove or Camp

Grilled Wings

Recipe Name Grilled Wings
Material Bird Wing
Any Seasoning / Any Spice / Any High Quality Seasoning
Device Stove or Camp

Tasty Wing Tip

Recipe Name Tasty Wing Tip
Material Nirvana Feather
Nirvana Feather
Chimeraland Beast Hide
Bird Wing
Bird Wing / Bear Paw / Crab Claw Meat
Device Stove or Camp

Bird Wing Spawn Locations

Bird Wing is randomly spawned