Bird Wing

October 1, 2022 4:26 AM
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Bird Wing

What is the use of the Bird Wing

  • Eating restores 180 fullness, but also causes Food Poisoning. Feed to pets to increase Fullness and EXP.

How to get Bird Wing

  • Got to the Auction House to obtain it.
  • Hunt some bird-type creatures to obtain it.

Cooking Recipes Using Bird Wing

Buddha's Temptation

Recipe Name Buddha's Temptation 1
Material Hoof Sinew
Crab Claw Meat
Bird Wing
Coriander Powder
Any Mushroom
Device Stove or Camp

Grilled Wings

Recipe Name Grilled Wings 1
Material Bird Wing
Any Seasoning / Any Spice / Any High Quality Seasoning
Device Stove or Camp

Tasty Wing Tip

Recipe Name Tasty Wing Tip 1
Material Nirvana Feather
Nirvana Feather
Chimeraland Beast Hide
Bird Wing
Bird Wing / Bear Paw / Crab Claw Meat
Device Stove or Camp

Bird Wing Spawn Locations

Bird Wing is randomly spawned