October 4, 2022 4:26 AM
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What is the use of the Scallion

    How to get Scallion

    • Go to the Auction House to obtain
    • Gather Scallion to get.

    Cooking Recipes Using Scallion

    Garlic Thighs

    Recipe Name Garlic Thighs
    Material Scallion
    Any Meat
    Peanut Oil
    Device Stove or Camp

    Scallion Meat Skewers

    Recipe Name Scallion Meat Skewers
    Material Scallion Powder
    Any Meat
    Device Stove or Camp

    Exotic Herbal Jelly

    Recipe Name Exotic Herbal Jelly
    Material Stoatle Shell
    Stoatle Shell
    Chimeraland Beast Hide
    Scallion Powder
    Lemon Tree Leaf / Any Lv.3 Crops
    Device Stove or Camp

    Scallion Spawn Locations

    Scallion is randomly spawned