How To Blog Visitor Traffic Up Despite stable or even Rarely Post

How To Blog Visitor Traffic Up Despite stable or even Rarely Post | WMI - on the blog regularly and consistently is one of the obstacles often faced by a blogger.

No matter old or new bloggers would often experience a sense of lazy, did not have an idea, is not got no inspiration or passion to write a post on his blog.

Especially for bloggers who do not have a background as my hobby of writing, every day feels kepengin stop blogging alone.

It’s been no secret that the more diligent usually posts blog visitors will also increase.But even then it does not mean diligent post to be the only way to increase visitors to the blog.

Buddy can still increase visitors to the blog or at least create a blog visitor traffic stabilized although rarely post on the blog.

This Blog is a simple example of a blog that is rarely post but hardly ever declining visitor traffic, even every month is always increasing.

What’s the secret?

Wrote listened directly below.

Evergreen Create Content

Some of my friend might just heard the term Evergreen Content. The purpose of Evergreen Content here is a piece of content (content = posts) fixed relavan though read anytime, or trivial language stale content is not easy.

Most of the posts on this blog is Evergreen Content that must be the reason why this blog traffic stable ride even though I never post for weeks to months.

Here are some examples of articles that can be called Evergreen Content:

1. Articles or Tutorial

Guide or tutorial article is an article that teaches step by step to do a thing.

Sample article or tutorial guide of the most widely read in this blog are the Learning Guide to Make Money Blogging .

Article 2. Definitions

In this blog you could say there is no article of this type, but in the future I want to fill more of this blog by article definition.

Articles definition here means is an article that explains the meaning, purpose or concept of a thing.

For example, the topic of this blog is about blogging, then I could write an article about"What is a Blog? "

Maybe my friend wondered existing Articles kan complete definition on Wikipedia, why make articles like this model?

Indeed most of the article definitions can be found in Wikipedia, but it would have been smarter if we can make a point with his own style.

Because most people are lazy to read Wikipedia because of the style of language used not easy to read and difficult to understand.

3. Articles List

This is kind of my favorite articles, namely article list. Articles list is an article that displays a list of some things. Articles of this kind are usually found in the title number.

Here are some examples of articles that list in this blog:

4. And others …

There are many more types of other articles that could be an Evergreen Content.

It is important to keep in mind when you want to make Evergreen Content is to make sure if the content we create a lot of looking for it.

Useless if we make a post that is not easy stale but there was no demand.

Update existing content

Many bloggers who presume to update the blog we have to publish a new post, but to update the blog can also update existing posts.

So while it is not got the idea we can use the time we have to update existing posts. For example, fixing a typo, making it more complete, or update the information in it.

There are several benefits that can be obtained if we consistently update postings on our blog:

  • Become more qualified to make posts from time to time
  • Got a good ranking on Google because Google likes high quality articles and also up-to-date.
  • Of course, if it gets good grades will have an effect to increase visitor traffic.

Upgrade Promotion Blog

The last one I think is most important but many bloggers are not too mementingkannya, namely the promotion of the blog.

Blogging is not just a matter of how diligently posting articles on the blog, but also a matter of how active in promoting the blog.

If the blog is filled content not easily stale, then the next we should promote that content so the more you read.

Rather than spend the time to make new posts better time to be used to promote the existing content. I think it is much more effective way.

Please read my post on how to increase blog visitors to find ways to promote your blog.


The conclusion is clear, my friend did not have to post articles at random so that blog visitors is increasing. But despite that does not mean that after reading this post my friend can directly idled for posting articles on the blog.

If it is able to post articles diligently then it would be great, but if it was not able to (for a reasonable cause) then it is better not forced.Use the ways that I have written above.