How to Implement A Right Internal links To Blog Adsense

Lately I see a lot of blog friends adsense publishers banned for violating Google AdSense program policies. Actually I have long seen indications of infringement on their site that could potentially be banned, therefore I immediately shared post titled Causes Blog Google Adsense banned .
But apparently my advice about the cause of the adsense banned blog overlooked that eventually some sites banned real friends. And I can predict how long a site google is able to escape detection if not promptly correct the violations bears.
(?) Why do I know?
Because I've got banned sites. The reason is in violation of the webmaster quality guidelines.
* Webmaster quality guidelines as to what the most frequently violated?
The most frequently violated is OnPage SEO implementation is wrong or incorrect. That is about how internal linking or link placement is wrong.
What kind of internal link wrong example?
As shown below.
What kind of example the correct internal links?
As shown below.
Do you know?
Incorrect application of internal links will keep our blog of the first page of google for confusing the search engines and also confuse the user. Google will remove content which is bad for the user experience of the first page.
* If you have any Adsense ads, then the site will be banned by google adsense.And if the site is no Adsense ads, the blog traffic will be jammed. Do not go up and down although you daily updates.Because in each post there is always an internal link puzzling and confusing search engine users as it continuously.
* So we should not assume that the internal links on the blog put it is always good. And, if we want a lasting work in adsense publisher, do not try to underestimate the slightest adsense program policies.
Do not have too many internal link link on each post. Try to only 1 or 2 links course, and a maximum of 3 links course for each post. And we also have to know which posts are needed are linked and which posts that do are linked. The aim is to avoid the action of ejecting among our own blog posts in Google SERP.
If we can apply the internal links in an appropriate manner and not excessive, then it will make your blog become a champion in the Google SERP.
Hopefully useful and successful greeting. Do not forget to read also How to determine the specific ad sizes adsense most correct .