How to Display and Entering Special Characters in HTML

Text HTML Tutorial Part 11: How to Display and Entering Special Characters in HTML

In addition to alphanumeric characters, sometimes we need to write special characters into HTML, for example, the sign "<". Character brackets"<" can not simply be written in HTML, because the character brackets internal functioning as a sign of an opening in HTML tags. In the HTML text tutorial this time, we will learn how to display and enter special characters into HTML .

How to Insert Special Characters in HTML

To insert special characters into HTML,we must Men- 'escape' characters. The term escape meant that from the writing of a character directly, we can replace itwith a number or reference that refers to the characters.
In HTML, there are two ways for Men- 'escape' character, by using the numbering of figures (numeric entity),and using the abbreviation for the character (named entity).Either way, it is written with the character '&' at the beginning of the writing, and ends with the characters'; '.
For example, if I want to write the character "<" in the HTML content, the writing is as follows:
  I'm learning to ask the characters & # 060;  in HTML 
Way above using numbering numbers ornumeric entity. The character "<" has anumeric entity 60, so written as & # 060;.
If using abbreviations characters ornamed entity, the character "<" is written into & lt; as follows:
  I'm learning to show the character of & lt;  in HTML 

Special Characters in HTML table

In addition to the characters "<", HTMLprovides hundreds of special characters that can be used. Here is a table of special characters commonly used:

Special Characters in HTML table
For a complete list of special characters in HTML, you can see it on the Web Standards Project's website at
In closing, here is an example of HTMLcode that will display some special characters in HTML:

  <! DOCTYPE html>
<Title> Learn HTML in Duniailkom </ title>
</ Head>

<H3> I'm learning HTML & copy; & # 174; & Trade; </ h3>
<P> In this tutorial, we will learn to display
special characters such as & lt ;, & # 062 ;, & hellip; </ p>
</ Body>

</ Html>

Examples of special characters into HTML Writing

One of the characters is important to note is the character of'non-breaking space', which is written as & nbsp; This character serves to ensure that the phrases or words are not separate.
If I wrote:

  World & nbsp; CS 
The word will be shown a web browser intothe World CS (characters & nbsp; will be displayed as space), but the second word would be'considered' as a whole, and will not separate even in the end of the line or reduced the size of the web browser.