Differences Onpage SEO Optimization and SEO Offpage

Differences Onpage SEO Optimization and SEO Offpage

    Before I explain the differences onpage seo optimization and offpage seo optimization, I will explain briefly about what is seo ?, maybe you are just learning about seo and can so you do not really know what is meant by seo, seo oh yes on this if you want to know more detail you can read in the article that I wrote earlier about understanding what it is seo for beginners , the article is very suitable for beginners in order to better understand sEO better.

If to be explained seo actually stands search enggine optimization, ie search engine optimization are usually more involved in the article's posting blogs or sites with the goal of keeping the articles that are optimized are more easily found in search engine results in the best possible position, such as search engine google yahoo or bing and other search engines.

Mengenal perbedaan optimasi seo onpage dan optimasi seo offpage

    Seo efforts usually always use the search engine approaches, such as for example if the blog article you want more easily found in Google search results, the SEO techniques used must be in accordance with the approach of Google ranking factors that are owned by google numbering less there are 200+ factors, if google view the article post that you make the most considered close to the factors contained in the google ranking, it is certain that the article will be more easily discovered and appear in google search results in the best position, to the position to the # 1 position to the # 2 or at least can appear on the first page of google (page one) tertangung competitive level.

    There are two categories of SEO is a widely recognized, namely optimization seo onpage and optimization seo offpage, seo optimization onpage is any form of optimization efforts engaged by the owner of the site within the site itself, while optimization seo offpage are all efforts made by the owner sites outside the site but still have an impact on the site.

The Differences Onpage SEO Optimization and SEO Offpage

To better understand the difference onpage seo optimization and offpage seo optimization then you must know the effort that must be made for each such optimization, so to know you will be able itself to distinguish both these optimization efforts.

    The workings of search engines such as Google and other search engines currently have a performance that is not much different, usually they will assess, the quality and relevance of the content to the keywords used as search keywords, and also will see also the existence of supporters who give vote against an article in a blog. If the two elements are considered fulfilled possibility would be judged worthy article to get the best position in the search results. The second way search engines work are very close relation to seo, when our efforts to focus on quality content then it already represents the majority of seo optimization onpage, and when our efforts focus on finding vote for an article from outside the site it already represents optimization seo offpage.

    For more information, about the difference onpage seo optimization and offpage seo is as follows:

Optimization seo onpage

    Once again, onpage seo optimization is all efforts made by the owner of the blog or site within the site itself in order to blog gained a good reputation in the eyes of search engines so that each blog articles easier to find in search results terbaik.Beberapa position optimization efforts seo onpage are as follows:

a. Creating articles involving seo onpage elements favored by search engine in it.
    To make the article seo onpagenya both usually always using the google ranking factors, from the start to make the post title, melatekan keyword optimized, making permalink optimized and so forth, for a better understanding of the approaches used in the example seo optimization onpage please read only the following articles:
    For optimization articles, anyone can include you even though you are a novice bloggers, important that you menetahui how to create articles that are optimized properly.

b. Fix the template structure that involves many elements in accordance with the ranking of factors, such as creating a template into a mobile-friendly responsive so that when the template is accessed using a mobile device, fix the template structure to avoid duplicate content that is not preferred search engine and so forth.

    To fix the structure of the template in order to support the onpage seo is good at least you have to understanding the structure of the template and also has the ability to create templates, but do not worry if you find it difficult to fix the template, the most practical way is to find templates free blog already seo friendly aplenty shared by friends bloggers, so you do not bother to have to fix it yourself.

SEO Optimization Offpage

    While optimization seo offpage are all sorts of efforts made outside of the site itself, but still give support to the blog so the blog easier to find in search results. Untuk lebih memahami upaya apa saja yang dapat mendukung optimasi seo offpage setidaknya anda harus mengetahui google rangking faktor. To better understand what is being able to support the optimization seo offpage least you should know the google ranking factors.

Beberapa upaya optimasi seo offpage adalah sebagai berikut: Some seo offpage optimization efforts are as follows:

a. Backlink building, you may be asking what is a backlink?
    backlink or also called as inbound links or incoming link is a link on your site or blog others that when clicked will go to your blog page, backlink until now regarded as a factor that can improve the ranking of web pages, the more links and better the quality is there much how to build backlinks and backlink to this day one of the factors that could have an impact increase blog page rank in the search results, backlinks as well as a vote for the site pages, of course, to build backlinks need

b. Promotion, both offline and online

    The next one is promotions both online and offline, offline promotions usually attempt to introduce a website address to be known to the public in any way, while online promotion for example through social media like facebook twitter google plush and so forth, these efforts do outside the site but will have an impact on traffic your blog or website.

Getting to know and Whitehat SEO Blackhat SEO

    In the world of SEO else we know the term blackhat seo and whitehat seo, is closely related to seo efforts undertaken efforts seo optimization actually can not be done arbitrarily, even though you theoretically know and understand the elements of seo but in practice these efforts are limited by signposts search engine policies.

    If the effort seo we do in accordance with the policies of Google webmaster guidelines , then seo we do can be called whitehat seo, whereas if our effort even though according to the element of seo but not in accordance with the policy of google, seo efforts as it could be termed the blackhat seo.

    Where should you choose white hat or black hat, of course white hat, even though blackhat in some cases could affect the site's page rank in the search results, seo efforts such as these will not be able to deliver maximum results and are usually not able to last long, it will eventually exacerbate the blog's reputation in the eyes of search engines, and with the development of search engine algorithms result blackhat seo techniques will slowly sink.
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